PLACE VALUE ON “RELATIONSHIPS”!!! – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun


(Key To Managing And Servicing Your Divine Linkages)

By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

I’m thoroughly convinced that your ability to manage and maintain God-ordained relationships in your life is one of your greatest keys to success in life.

Relationship management is extremely crucial to ministry success and destiny fulfilment.

So, in your circle of relationships, always seek for what you want to bring on the table. VALUE ADDITION should be your primary preoccupation.

Your everyday thought should be, “What can I do to be a blessing to this person?”. Never have the sense of entitlement in relationships.

Those who have a sense of entitlement in relationships rarely get satisfied. Always see what the other party does for you as a PRIVILEGE; not a RIGHT.

Have the mindset that NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING IN LIFE, and so whatever anybody does for you is a PRIVILEGE.

There’s no law that says your friend should be the one doing more in that relationship.

There’s no law that says you can’t be a blessing to those you consider more financially buoyant than you do in your own “little” way.

Imagine how wonderful it would be for a husband or wife to always think of what they want to add to their relationship!

From nineteen years of ministry experience, I’ve seen minsters who could not maintain God-ordained relationships in their lives and I have also felt the pain of the boomeranging effect of such spiritual miscalculation.

And I believe such relationships would have been destiny boosters to them. God didn’t bring people into your life just to “fill up the space” but to add value to your calling.

Beloved, it’s important that you VALUE people. Don’t take advantage of people. Don’t talk to people anyhow even if they’re your spiritual sons and daughters.

People are your LINKS and BRIDGES to the next level. Genuine relationships will multiply your productivity.

Therefore be value-conscious. I also discover from experience that rich people also appreciate little things too.

A simple recharge card for your boss at work; a little gift for your benefactor; a simple phone call of “Sir/Ma, just checking on you and to ask how’s the family?” will strike a cord in their heart.

Don’t let people see your phone call every time and the first thing that crosses their mind is that you have come up with another request again.

Relationship is meant to be a BLESSING; not a BURDEN.

Don’t say you’re the one who needs their money; that’s a SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT. Also seek to be a blessing in your own little way.

Cultivate especially the heart and art of giving. GIVE. GIVE. And GIVE. And in addition, seek after people’s welfare in a genuine way.

Don’t call people only when you run into trouble or when you need their help – that’s not A SENSE OF VALUE and you will lose precious relationships that way.

Relationships thrive on MUTUAL RESPECT. Cherish and nurture good relationships in your life and see everything fall in place for you.

This is food for thought for we ministers; let’s not take things for granted. These “little little” things matter; YES THEY DO!

I trust this meets us well Sirs and Mas?



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