SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the Blessing that is in dedicated service to God

It is confirmed throughout Scriptures that dedicated people are blessed and favoured people
It is confirmed throughout Scriptures that the place of dedication is the place of the blessing

1. He demonstrated unconditional obedience to God (Gen. 12:1-5)
1a. He obeyed God without question
1b. He obeyed God without doubting
1c. He took God at His Word
1d. He trusted God with his life
1e. He was able to trust God with his future
1f. He was sure that God would not mismanage his life and destiny

2. He permitted nothing and nobody to come between him and God
2a. He allowed nothing to capture his focus outside of God
2b. He allowed nothing to take over his attention outside of God
Whatever takes your attention off God is not worth it
Whatever takes your attention off God is not in the interest of your welfare, both in this world and in the world to come

3. He had nothing that was too big to give, if God needed it (1Chron. 29:13-14)
3a. He demonstrated extreme generosity towards God
3b. He laid no claim on any earthly property
3c. There was nothing available with him that was not accessible by God
3d. God owned him and everything that came out of him
(1Chron. 29:13-14)
True dedication to God says, ‘God owns me and everything that I have belongs to God’.

4. He commanded his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord (Gen. 18:17-19)
4a. Dedicated people are concerned about the eternal welfare of the people in their world
4b. Dedicated people do not keep their experience with God to themselves
4c. Dedicated people share the goodness of God in their lives with others
4d. Dedicated people are not ashamed to let others know the reality of God in their lives
4e. Dedicated people give public expression to their personal, private experiences with God (1John 1:1)

5. He expressed total dependence on God through addicted praying (Gen. 19:27)
5a. Dedicated people are people of altars
5b. Dedicated people are people of consistent prayer
5c. Dedicated people are people who stand in the gap for others
Prayerfulness is a confirmation of helplessness without God
Prayerlessness is a declaration of independence from God; it is a declaration of self sufficiency
Dedicated people are totally self-insufficient and totally God-dependent

B1. He willingly sacrificed everything for his relationship with God (Gen. 12:1-5)
1a. The willingness, the readiness and the capacity to give up anything that your relationship with God will demand
1b. The willingness to inconvenience yourself in order to receive acceptance with God
Real dedication to God makes you to give up whatever needs to be given up in order for your relationship with God to flourish

B2. He was willing to go all the way with God (Gen. 12:5)
2a. The decision to go full length and full blast with God
2b. The refusal to stop halfway with God
Your set back must not cause you to step back because your setback is a step up for a shift up.

B3. He demonstrated compassion and stood at the place of prayer to deliver the land of Sodom
and Gomorrah from destruction (Gen. 18:23-33)
3a. Dedicated people feel the heartbeat of God and they act in line with Divine passion
3b. Dedicated people stand in the gap for the rescue of others
Ordinary people carry personal burdens but dedicated people carry both Kingdom and generational burdens
Ordinary people live for themselves whereas dedicated people live beyond themselves – they
live for the Kingdom and for their generation
3c. Dedicated people place Kingdom and generational impact above personal comfort

B4. He acknowledged God as the Owner of all things by dedicating 10% of his income to God (Gen. 14:18-20; Heb. 7:7-8)
4a. Dedicated people acknowledge God’s ownership of all things
4b. Dedicated people acknowledge God’s Lordship over their lives and all that they have
4c. Dedicated people acknowledge their stewardship of God’s resources
4d. Dedicated people honour God with their substance
4e. Dedicated people demonstrate good accountability and stewardship of the resources of God

B5. He defended the glory of God to the extent of rejecting a free gift (Gen. 14:21-23)
5a. Dedicated people are defenders of the glory of God
5b. Dedicated people don’t touch the glory of God and they don’t allow anybody to touch the glory of God where they are
5c. Dedicated people are extremely jealous for their Maker and their making
5d. Dedicated people are humble enough to know the limits of their wisdom, ability and resources

1. The arrest of the spell of stagnation and failure
2. The termination of the yoke of fruitlessness
3. The impartation of generational blessing (Gen. 12:2)
4. The impartation of generational greatness

Father, thank You for Your Word to me today. I receive the grace to do Your Word now, in Jesus’ name.

Father, help me to obey You unconditionally; let nothing and nobody come between me and You; let me live in a realm where nothing and nobody is too big to give to You; help me Lord to be interested in the welfare of those around me; help me to be totally dependent on You, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, today I receive an impartation of generational blessing and greatness, in Jesus’ Name.

1. In the name of Jesus Christ the resurrected Lord, I announce to you today, the month of February shall favour you! This month of February opens up for you now in Jesus’ Name!

2. I decree and announce, every curse and spell that was on your life before now – ancestral curse, generational curse, witchcraft curse or occultic curse, today, they are broken, in Jesus’ Name!

3. Every spell of stagnation and spell of delay, today, they are broken, in Jesus’ Name!

4. I announce today, every spell of fruitlessness and barrenness in any realm, by the power
of the Holy Ghost, the spell is broken!

5. Generational blessing is coming now to replace generational curses over your life and generational greatness is released upon you now, in Jesus’ Name!

6. You shall fulfil your days! Arrows of death will never locate you!

7. As you take this communion, every blessing pronounced in the service today and every testimony you heard today that you desire in your life is communicated via this communion.

8. Everything you saw today that you desire and whatever you have written on that expectation, under the next 24hours, you will see your testimony, under the next 72hours you will hear your expectation, and between now and the next Sunday, you will return with your testimony! (Prov. 23:18)

– Every trace of shame, reproach, affliction and disaster in your life and body is over forever!
– God is going to give you beyond your expectation!
– Where blood is shed yours shall never be shed!
– What my Father in Heaven has not planted in your life is ejected now!
– Every arrow of evil from hell sent your way is returned back to hell!
– Every mountain in your life is leaving now!
– Whatever killed your father or your mother cannot kill you!
– Everything belonging to you that has been swallowed down by the devil, I declare them released out of the belly of that devil now!
– Whatever has kept your life on the same spot, today, that yoke is broken in Jesus’ Name!
– Systems shall lose their peace sleep and rest until all that is yours enters into your hands
– I decree help from above, mercy from above and grace from above in Jesus’ Name.
– Every spell of delay and stagnation is hereby broken in Jesus’ Name!
– In this month of February, arrows of death sent your way are returned back to hell!
– You will not have children that are useless in Jesus’ Name!

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