THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 3) – Olumide Fatunsin

As soon as Pascal drew the curtains a bit, a bright light shone into the living room. Fear gripped his heart as he turned his head slowly to see the source of the light.

“You? How did you manage to come inside?” Pascal asked Josephine.

Josephine, a cheerful and peripatetic woman started laughing by drawing the other curtains to allow in more light. She had already removed her shoes at the entrance of the living room in order to enjoy the decorated large rug that covered the whole room.

“Why are you hiding behind the window?” Josephine asked as she moved closer to where Pascal stood.

“How did you come inside the house?” Pascal asked her again.

Josephine was still laughing and teasing him when she stepped on the broken pieces of glass unknowingly. Her scream filtered through the windows and the two men at the gate rushed inside the compound. They were as swift as a roe with their professional method.

Josephine lay on the sofa in pain while Pascal administered the first aid to her. The two men came in with pistols in their hands waiting to take actions. Josephine dismissed them immediately when she saw them but they waited briefly to be sure the situation was under control.

Pascal bent down to pick the broken pieces of glass without saying anything. He then brought the vacuum cleaner to clean the whole room since he had been alone in the house for the past four days. She lay still with her eyes closed.

Thereafter, Josephine put a call across to one of her clients and promised to be in Italy the following day. Pascal came inside the living room having heard their conversation.

“What’s happening in Italy tomorrow? Pascal asked reluctantly.

“Why were you hiding behind the window when I came in? Answer me first!” Josephine asked him again.

Ignoring her question, he sat at the edge of the sofa where Josephine lay without looking in her direction. He was lost in his thought and his heavy breathings revealed the depth of his worries.

After some minutes of pindrop silence, Josephine rose up and sat beside him. She held his left hand and asked him calmly,

“Tell me…Is everything OK? You know I may be of help.”

“Nothing is OK. In fact, my life is in shambles.”

“How do you mean?” Josephine probed further while caressing his hand.

“My daughter has left the house for the past four days. I don’t know her whereabouts.”

“So? Is that a problem?”

Pascal looked at her with disdain and hissed.

“Josephine, you won’t understand.”

She called one of her men to come upstairs.

“Paco, go to the vault in the Jeine bank, shoot the tall guard and bring out the homo money.” She ordered him and he left immediately.

“Ha Josephine! Which bank are you talking about? Don’t tell me you are still doing that dirty job! Pascal asked with a trembling voice.

“You told me the other time that I won’t understand. Now, you cannot understand what Jeine bank, tall guard and homo money mean. Just wait.” Josephine responded while rubbing her knee cap.

Pascal rested his head on the sofa with his eyes fixed on the third wall clock. It seemed as each minute counted, the more his heart beat high with fear.

Josephine looked in the direction of the third wall clock too and both of them then looked at each other…

To be continued in Episode 4.

Olumide Fatunsin

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