It’s difficult to ‘market’ yourself (what you are an expert in) without personal results – Kunle M. Adegbite

It’s difficult to ‘market’ yourself (what you are an expert in) without personal results. I stumbled on the video of a man who was talking about Facebook ads. Immediately he said he has mastered Facebook ads for 10years and he has successfully produced 7 figures for himself and his clients, I paused the video to check his page. I saw he had only 81 followers. I think it will be a lot more difficult to sell himself that way.

I remember, man of God, Olusola Areogun once said a guest preacher was introduced by his host Pastor, and immediately he climbed the pulpit to do so, he said, “The man I am about to bring up doesn’t practice what he preaches.” His congregation sighed in confusion and looked at one another. Then he added, “He preaches what he practices.” The people went agog with claps.

Yes, it is possible to be sent by God to preach a particular message when the physical manifestations of that thing isn’t present with you yet. But not long, if you practice what you preach, you will walk in its manifestations yourself.

Bishop Oyedepo talked about those times he rode a rickety Volkswagen beetle but still climbed the pulpit and said God has sent him to liberate the people, and given him an mandate to go make His people rich. I heard him talk about how some people will see their small sign board stating “…International ministry” and they may laugh and mock saying, “International indeed”. He kept on and today he is proving everything he has preached himself.

There is a great tendency to be a good preacher but a bad practitioner. It takes great personal discipline.

I once taught as an analogy, that one of our eyes belonged to seeing others while the other eye belonged to seeing ourselves.

Unfortunately, most times, we have shut the eye that belongs to seeing ourselves.

This is why a man can get up from the bed of fornication and almost immediately after he is gossiping about how bad some others are doing the same. And he is even hissing. It would take an invisible hand to wake him up and remind him of his own ways. Didn’t they want to stone the woman caught in adultery to death. Yet many of them were adulterers themselves.

Few times I have preached things only to find out that message I sent out was for me. I received it because of something that was coming my way but I had already preached it to others without knowing it was first of all a personal message to me.

Don’t be too quick to think God is referring to other people.

Don’t be!

Seek to pursue purpose.

Seek to save others.

But, never forget yourself.


Kunle M. Adegbite

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