#BookChallenge: Understanding Your Potential – Dr Myles Monroe


1. When man puts a limit on what he can be, he puts a limit on what he will be.

2. satan stole both man’s potential to be like God and his understanding of God. satan is God’s enemy and ours. He is our adversary, out to blind us to the truth of God’s love and wisdom that offers us hope.

3. satan destroyed man’s true intelligence, which is spiritual relationship with God. When we are connected with God, our spirits can know anything. That’s why the knowledge God communicates is not learned. It is discerned. The knowledge of God isn’t found in any book; it’s a deeper knowledge. Your real intelligence is not studied; its discerned.

4. When you put clothes on a boy’s back, but haven’t put anything in his spirit, you haven’t done anything yet. There is a fountain of abundance life, welling up in you so you can do and be something. It begins when you return to your Source through Jesus Christ.

5. Jesus came to wage “the battle of the caps” – the battle of the destroyers. There are two destroyers in the world. One is satan; the other is Jesus. satan comes to destroy, and Jesus comes to destroy. Thus, a tremendous struggle between two destroyers goes on within us -one destroyer uses a cap, the other a crowbar. Every time the one with the crowbar yanks the top off, the other guy runs around with the cap.

6. Sin clogs up our potential. It messes up the plan God has for each of our lives.

7. Jesus Christ came to undo everything that the devil did.

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