#BookChallenge: Making Full Proof of Ministry – Dr Paul Enenche


1. The man that will make full proof of his Ministry, is the man that is complete; the man whose training in the hands of God has been completed.

2. Considering the preparation of Elisha to take over Elijah’s Ministry. The mantle of Elijah fell on Elisha twice. When Elisha was ploughing the yoke of oxen, the mantle fell on him. Then when Elijah was being taken up to Heaven, the mantle fell again. The first mantle was not the mantle of preaching. It was not the mantle of ‘Go and print handbills or business cards.’ The first mantle was an indication of interest. “I am interested in using you if you are read”. Many people ran into Ministry with the first mantle.

3. That you lay hands on the sick and they recover does not mean you are called into Ministry. Every believer is meant to lay hands on the sick so they can recover.

4. The Man of God must be completely and thoroughly furnished. Thorough furnished connotes, that there is no unfurnished area in the life of the Man of God.

5. Furnishing is your capacity to coordinate the people God brings. When is lacking, people cannot stay. So the people come into the church, but because there is no furnishing in the life of the Man of God, they stand for a while and then take off.

6. A man of God must know how to hear from God. How is it that you do not know how to hear from God, yet you stand up to tell people about God? Who did you hear from? You do not need to be a prophet to hear the voice of God. But as basic as that is, you cannot be speculating with people’s destinies.

7. The fact is, it is never too late to be right.

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