WHY ARE MANY BELIEVERS LAZY? – Evangelist Ikponmwosa Ogogor

In my little time in Ministering to people, I have come to realize that many believers are lazy.

How do I mean?

They want quick solution to their challenges but they are unwilling to do the word or to obey scriptural principles that empower them to walk in the reality of what they have available in Christ.

Many want you to say prayers for them & do all the required standing on God’s word in faith for them.

They don’t mind sowing Giant seeds or even buying a bottle of oil or a bottle of water, or a wrist band, or car sticker, etc. for huge amounts of money as long as they are not required to give further time to personal prayers, Bible study or living a godly lifestyle which is more important than even the breakthrough miracle they seek.

Many of us Ministers are now being lured to tailor our Ministries towards fulfilling these needs thereby raising irresponsible believers.

I always try to take brethren through a series of teachings after first ministering to them but some after getting their Miracle never come back or follow through with the teaching which ought to give them a sound foundation to continue in their Christian walk such that they may never need me again.

Dear Ministers let’s not allow the people dictate for us what we feed them with.

A child does not tell the Mother what it wants to eat.

Let’s give them what they need to grow up.

Dear believer don’t be lazy to attend Teaching & Discipleship training meetings & to engage personally in doing the word in several aspects revealed to you because that’s where you come to discover your true identity in Christ & are empowered to live a victorious Christian life.

Don’t be a lazy believer. The price can become very costly tomorrow if you don’t do something about it today.

A situation can arise where neither your Pastor nor anyone else is there to help you take a stand in faith.

Only the capacity you have built over the years will count at such dire circumstances.

Let’s developed spiritual muscles so we can walk daily in the reality of our victory.

Shalom Greetings!

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