Luke 6:38

“Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”


In the last episode, it was emphasized that the life of a believer is one that should always reflect gratitude, as against the seasonality of its approach. It is important to note that, at everytime or moment in an individual’s life, there is always something to be grateful for. The absence of this understanding, leads to ingratitude.

However, on today’s episode, we would be talking about another action that leads to release and restoration, which is;

4. Giving:

Giving is a scriptural and spiritual principle that opens the doors of release, which leads to restoration and multiplication. It is a spiritual transaction that places demands on the potentials of the Kingdom of God. It is however saddening, that often times, this principle is practiced more by unbelievers than believers themselves. Giving is a Kingdom principle with Kingdom benefits, geared towards unleashing the potentials of God.

Moreover, there are many believers who seek to enjoy the treasures of the Kingdom of God, but most of these believers are best described by the proverbial man or woman, who withholds more than what is appropriate, hence leading to poverty. A man of God once shared a testimony of how a certain man invited him to dedicate an estate, of which he obliged him. Several years later, the owner of the estate became so poor that he had to squat with a friend. The suffering was so much, that he had to approach the man of God for prayers, and on investigation, the man of God discovered that the said man, has not been paying his tithe. When the pastor prayed for him, and gave him some money to pay his rent, the said man was willing to pay his tithe from his rent, because he has experienced the negative consequences of unfaithfulness. Also, I read this morning about a particular pastor, who sowed a seed of one car every month, as a prophetic offering, in the year 2018, and the ministry of that pastor recorded an influx of 143 cars that same year.

Servants of God like King David, King Solomon, understood this principle, and they obtained all round release, restoration and multiplication, how much we who are born of God (John 1:13).


1. God taught us how to give, by giving up His son to die for our sins (Romans 8:32).

2. It’s more blessed to give than to receive. If you are a giver, you are opened up to endless possibilities, but a receiver is limited by what he/she receives (Acts 20:35).

3. The Law of giving, attracts receiving (Its natural) – (Luke 6:38).

4. Giving must be done cheerfully. The grudging or compulsive effects from a giver, cancels or obliterate the benefits attached to the act of giving (2 Corinthians 9:7).

5. You cannot receive more than you have given (2 Corinthians 9:6).

6. Giving is not limited to monetary values, but faithfully engaging in Kingdom assignments (Romans 12:1).


1. Take a decision to give your life to Jesus Christ, and if you have, make a commitment to offer your whole being to the service of God.

2. Honor God with your tithes and offerings.

3. Seek out Kingdom projects, and faithfully participate in them.

4. Do not neglect God’s servants, appreciate them as led by the Spirit of God.

5. Do not neglect your neighbours who are in need, assist them as led by the Spirit of God.

6. Disassociate yourself from people who downplay the importance of giving, because they are robbers.

God bless you.

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