A letter to Believers – Mo Bariki

Dear believer,

Social media is now filled with the words of fools functioning with the wisdom of this world. They try to argue the truth you believe with common sense. They want to teach you how to serve your God and how to understand His word. You listen to them because they sound very intellectual and they seem to to be successful in their own right. They also have great following so you are kind of wondering how all they say will be wrong since a lot of people agree with them.

Their greatest punchline is to pick on pastors, mock them and try to teach the clergy their job. You believe them for long till you realise that you just lost your Faith. They are the many babies of the antichrist and they don’t know it. They have been sent to this world to sow the seed of confusion into the mind of the believer. They are on an assignment for the dragon but they themselves are unaware of this. The media is their weapon, they can reach you right in your room. You don’t even have to follow them for them to reach you, they own the media! They will find you! They will twist everything you have ever believed and make you question Jesus Christ’ lordship.

Be wise dear believer, this is a season to seek God yourself! Hold him firm, read his word and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you. Pray! And guard your ears, eyes and heart. The Lord Jesus reigns and he has sent me to tell you that he still waits for you in your closet. Gain root brethren. Seek him in prayers, and do not neglect the fellowship of the brethen. Find a bible believing church and stay there. This is the lifeline for the times to come. Fill your heart with the word of God, shut down social media sometimes so that you can gain momentum. Then you will launch back into the media with fresh words from His throne. This is not the time for Christians to be silent especially on social media, it’s time to speak out!

Yours in Christ,

Bro Mo.

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