THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 1) – Olumide Fatunsin

Pascal, a short and wealthy man angrily clenched and unclenched his fists as he paced up and down in the big living room adorned with photos and artifacts. It was furnished with modern furniture and high tech appliances. Most of the visible and invisible gadgets were remotely controlled.

Moreover, two satellite dishes were awkwardly positioned across the metal roofs and only the owner knew the reason. The CCTV adorned the building like china toys and guarded like the stolen money in a foreign bank. The fences were fortified on top with barbed wires sharp enough to trap any intruding animal as small as a rat.

At intervals, he looked through the large window to see whoever came in through the gate. He looked up to check the time. The three wall clocks were strategically placed: one showing the current time in his country of residence, the second one showing the time in Australia and the third one for Barbados in the Caribbean islands.

It seemed the first clock was moving faster than usual. By now the veins on his face had become visible after gulping three glasses of red wine on the center table. He would sit down and stand up at the slightest sound. This went on for the next two hours until the gate was opened. He sprang up from his dozing state to see who had come in.

He rubbed his heavy eyes and looked left and right but couldn’t see anyone. To be sure, he quietly drew the curtains leaving few inches space to have a proper view of the front yard.

He began to think hard on what next to do. He was in this state when his body began to crave for more wine. As soon as he gulped the last glass, someone closed the gate. In an attempt to see the stranger, the empty glass fell and its shriek sound sent shivers down his spine.

The urgency of the situation made him to ignore it to catch a better glimpse of the outside world. After a while, he began to observe the movement of two people outside the gate. He was alone and the boredom was wearing him out coupled with his expectation.

As soon as he drew the curtains a bit, a bright light shone into the living room. Fear gripped his heart as he turned his head slowly to see the source of the light…

To be continued in Episode 2.

Olumide Fatunsin

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