Someone once asked Bishop David Oyedepo, “Sir, in a NUTSHELL, what’s the secret of success in ministry?”.

Bishop responded, “Nutshell? Nutshell? You will see many NAUGHTY SHELLS”.

First, the approach in asking that question was not mature enough. Second, the issue of “NUTSHELL” is the deception of a generation.

Truth is that there are no SHORTCUTS in ministry. Even if you find a major key to exploits in ministry, you still have “a long way” to go in engaging with the key.

SHORTCUTS IN MINISTRY CUT PEOPLE SHORT. Ministry requires intensive training and extensive preparation.

But for His Grace, MINISTRY IS TOUGHER THAN MILITARY. Being CASUAL with ministry makes you a CASUALTY in ministry.

Very strong! Isn’t it? I have met many people who are always looking for SHORTCUTS to everything in ministry.

I have seen people ask very fundamental questions about ministry but they’re too docile and lukewarm to do anything.

For instance, I have seen people ask me, “Sir, what are your routines and practices like as a teacher of God’s Word? How can one be a great teacher of God’s Word?”.

And immediately I gave my answer, you would not hear anything from them again. Ministry is not like “Yahoo Yahoo” where people are looking for “quick money”.

There’s a process. There’s a procedure to follow. No SHORTCUTS anywhere. No cutting of corners anywhere.

I see a generation that talk more about GRACE without LABOUR. But may I never, in a bid to look acceptable to people, sell my conscience by not telling people the full counsel of God.

I believe in GRACE too. I believe that the PRICE is not greater than GOD’S GRACE. I believe that our labour in ministry is inspired by Grace, but WE HAVE TO LABOUR WITH GRACE.


This is what Paul taught:

But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; BUT I LABOURED MORE ABUNDANTLY than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.

Trying to shy away from this point is playing to the gallery in ministry and it helps no one. It is better to be criticized now but proven right later than accepted now but confused later.

We need to tell people the whole truth, no matter what – we might be saving a generation.

Some young ministers don’t like hearing things like “long prayers”, “fasting”, “deep study”, “consecration”, “investing in materials”, etc. but they want QUICK RESULTS.

It doesn’t work that way dear friend. Don’t cut CORNERS in ministry so you will not be CORNERED. Don’t take SHORTCUTS so that you don’t CUT YOUR MINISTRY SHORT.

Don’t be CASUAL so that you don’t become a CASUALTY. Bear the yoke now. Pay the price now. Labour now, and keep labouring, trusting THE GRACE OF GOD all the way.

I hope this made little sense Sirs and Mas?

Ministry work prospers in our hands in Jesus’ Precious Name!




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