#BookChallenge: Making Full Proof of Ministry – Dr Paul Enenche


1. The man that will make full proof of his Ministry, is the Man that is processed by scripture. Every man of God or Pastor who is far from the Book is a loser – a loser in Ministry – for the Scripture is profitabe.

2. The level of your faith is a product of your light. Higher light in the scriptures equals higher faith.

3. The primary purpose of Scripture is not for preaching. The primary purpose of Scripture is for training. The preparation of the people of God, is the purpose of the Scripture. So scripture’s assignment is to work on the Man of God.

4. The difference in the results of two pastors is what they know. There is something Billy Graham knows that others do not know. There is something Oral Robert’s knew that others do not know. There is something Pastor Enoch Adeboye and Bishop Oyedepo know that others do not know. Light made them rise.

5. Good understanding bringeth favour, and the way of transgressors are hard. Favour is a product of understanding or revelation. The scripture comes to offer you instruction, and the instruction is to prepare you for Ministry.

6. Let the scriptures becomes an open book for you. The reason you are not interested in reading it, is because that you have not been able to see revelation from it. The sweetest book on earth is the Bible, if only God can open it for you.

7. For many pastors, the Bible does not speak to them. They read the Bible very well but they hear the Bible speaking to someone else in the church. For you to be a Man of God with full proof, you must come severally to the point where the scripture speaks to you and corrects you. You must get to the point where you have to change the way you do certain things; because you just saw something from the Bible.

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