#BookChallenge: Understanding Your Potential – Dr Myles Monroe


1. Everything created in life was created with potential and possess the potential principle.

2. Everything was in God before creation.

3. All that was made came from God. Through work He created the world.

4. The work of God is not complete – He has not delivered all His babies. He will keep on delivering as long as you deliver, because you are the continuation of His deliveries.

5. Everything that has been done,will be done again – what we think is new has already been here for a long time.

6. Until that idea is transformed by action, God will continue to leak that idea into men and women. Why? Because God is a God of potential.

7. When creation was completed, God tested. He knows that life produces work, and work creates the need to rest.#BookChallenge #TheMessengerBlog

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