#BookChallenge: Making Full Proof of Ministry – Dr Paul Enenche


1. Not every pastor is a Man of God. There are many pastors, but they are few men and women of God.

2. The man of God is the man whose origin, vision and Ministry is God. The man of God is the man whose vision, ministry and calling originated from God. His origin is God, and his adress is God.

3. There are people whose visions originated from themselves. There are also people whose ministries originated from the instrumentaliy of people. People pushed them into Ministry.

4. There is a difference between a man sent by God, and a man sent from God. The latter is a man who lives in God, before he came to pass the message, and he would return to God, after delivering the message. A man sent by God, is a man sent to deliver a message for God, but does not live in God. There are many people sent by God, and not from God.

5. The man of God does not live for himself. He has no say in his life and ministry. He is under the direction and control of God.

6. The man of God is not a man who prays because it’s time to preach. He is a man who prays as if he is breathing. The fact is that most pastors do not pray until it’s time to preach.

7. The man of God is not the man who studies the Bible only when it is time to preach. Most preachers do not study the Bible for themselves anymore. They only study to look for what to preach.


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