#BookChallenge: Understanding Your Potential – Dr Myles Monroe


1. Your potential was not given for you to deposit in the grave. You must understand the tremendous potential you possess and commit yourself to maximizing it in your short lifetime.

2. Potential is not what you have done, but what you are yet able to do.

3. To realize your full potential, you must never be satisfied by your last accomplishment.

4. Don’t die with the things of God. It is irresponsible to die with ability. People who die without achieving their full potential, rob their generation of their latent ability. Release your ability before you die, because we would never know the wealth God planted in you, until you bring it up.

5. Dont give up until you have lived out the full extent of your potential, because you have no right to die with the things of God. Dont rob the next generation of the wealth, treasure, and tremendous gifts buried deep within you.

6. The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life that never realized it’s full potential.

7. One of the greatest enemies of potential, is success.

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