In the last episode (Click ๐Ÿ‘‰ The Inconsistencies of once saved, always saved Pt 1), we talked about the first inconsistency of the once saved, always saved gospel, which absolves a believer from any responsibility in the Salvation process. In order to explain this inconsistency, the word “belief” was placed in the right context, to meaning;



Today, we are going to be looking at the meaning of Acceptance with respect to its application in the Holy Bible. After the publication of the first part of this series, the Lord placed in my spirit, three words that constitute Acceptance, with respect to Salvation. The words are referred to as, the three (3) R’s – Recognition, Realization and Reconciliation. The definition and interpretation of these words, bring to light the true meaning of Acceptance, as regards to a person Accepting Jesus Christ, as Lord and Personal Saviour.

Moreover, on today’s episode, I will be throwing more light on the first R – RECOGNITION.


The Holy Bible in the book of Psalm 11:3, asked a salient question by saying;

“If the foundations are destroyed,What can the righteous do?”
This is a very important question for every believer, and a call to duty, for believers to protect the tenets and the sanctity of the doctrine of Salvation. This is because certain “Christians” have chosen to destroy the very foundation on which the doctrine of Salvation stands, by preaching heresis, which makes new converts of Christ, and even the already existing believers, to stand on shaky grounds.

The Foundation of a believer, with respect to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is very key, because it determines your standing in Christ. When your foundation is faulty, your convictions becomes faulty, and when your convictions become faulty, your belief system becomes faulty. This is the huge implication of wrong doctrine.

Recognition is the power of conviction, which is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts a sinner, unto believing. It is not the function of any man, not even your pastor. This is why, when you go out on evangelism, it is not your duty to coerce  a sinner unto believing, hence your duty is to preach, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit is to convict that sinner.

The Holy Spirit is referred to, as a Helper (John 14:16), and He helps by quickening the understanding of a person (John 6:63). This brings a sinner to the sudden realization that he/she is in sin. The sinners eyes were formerly closed to sin, but suddenly the eyes became open, and he/she exclaims, by saying, “Oh God, am sorry, I have been in sin, please forgive me”. However, it is important for us to understand what this sinners eyes were opened to, by the Holy Spirit. He/she did not just burst into tears by mere coincidence, or having a sense of remorse for nothing, for that sinner saw something, which changed his/her perception, with respect to the status quo. Now, here comes the big question, What did the sinner see?

The sinner saw two things;

1. The sudden recognition of God.
2. The sudden recognition of the ways of God, or coming to terms with the character of God.

These two, are the first processes or first steps to Salvation. However, it is impossible to talk about God, without talking about His ways. It is also impossible to talk about a believer, without talking about God, and the attributes of God in the life of that believer (Character of God).

Moreover, if a chain womanizer for instance, is convicted by the Holy Spirit, and he surrenders to God, hence excusing himself from his sexual escapades, and immoral life, what do we call that? That is called a role. How then can the once saved, always saved believers, claim a believer has no role, or responsibility in “watering the garden of Salvation”.

However, it is important to note that, the Holy Spirit convicts us by quickening our understanding, hence it is our responsibility to apply this wisdom in ensuring that, we keep the ways of the Lord, by portraying the character of God.

God bless you





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