A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 30/FINAL EPISODE) – Olumide Fatunsin

Angela thanked them for their love and guidance and promised to get back to them. After a week, when she got home from work, she began to praise God. Immediately she finished praising God, a Bible verse dropped into her heart. She quickly picked up her Bible and opened to the book of Psalms 32 verse 8.

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”

She began to meditate on the verse until a name dropped in her heart. She felt the leading to look at the writer of Psalms 32 and it was David. The more she meditated on the verse, the more the name of David was impressed on her heart. She shared it with Mama Blessing who took it up in prayers with her. This continued until a month when she felt she needed to see the Pastor’s wife. She shared how God revealed to her a man in her dream who introduced himself as David. She also spoke about the writer of Psalms 32 and other confirmations from God.

She quickly took her to her husband’s office who was still counseling a brother after the church service. Angela couldn’t understand why the Pastor’s wife was thanking God for His faithfulness and goodness. After 10 minutes, they entered the office while Bro Festus greeted them and left. Her excitement didn’t allow her to speak but tapped Angela to rehearse everything to her husband who was smiling as he listened to her. Angela didn’t know why they were both smiling but she knew something good was in the offing.

“Sister Angela, I thank God for your life. Remember the journey of Abraham’s servant to pick a wife for Isaac. God ordered his steps and prospered him. Actually, a brother wants to ask for your hand in marriage and I don’t know if you don’t mind giving him your phone contact.”

Mama Blessing had already told her to be open-minded to any proposal and believed God for His perfect choice. She agreed and they prayed for her. When she was about to leave, Pastor Lambert told her to pray for God’s guidance and that another brother had shown interest in her too. When he asked if she would want him to meet her, Angela felt she needed to hear from the first brother. Immediately she left, he told his wife about Bro Festus’ interest in Angela. They committed her to God in prayers for God’s right choice.

After three days, she received a call from Spain. The man introduced himself as Adeyemi and that he was the brother who contacted her Pastor in regards to marriage. They spoke for some minutes and hung up. She began to pray to God that his name was different from the one she received from Him. Mama Blessing told her categorically to ask more information about him since she felt peace in her heart. “Spain” kept popping up in her thought until she remembered Evangelist Niyot who invited her to a program in Spain after she was discharged from the hospital. She was more determined to do as Mama Blessing had suggested.

When Adeyemi called after two days, Angela asked for his other name and she was amazed when he said David. Bubbles of joy erupted in her heart as she listened to his testimonies, purpose-driven pursuits and spiritual goals. She felt at home speaking with him. Her Pastor and his wife rejoiced with her and encouraged her to keep following God’s leading.

David, an engineer worked with a construction company and used to visit the Netherlands where his younger sister resided. God, being merciful to her wiped her tears of many years by the coming of David into her life. David ticked all the boxes she hoped for in a man. Annie fell in love with him the first time she set her eyes on him. It was as if she had knowñ him for years until David told Angela his involvement in the children department in his church.

God saw them through the courtship period until the day he took her to the Altar. Their families were in attendance including her mother and her sister from Italy. Beyond what she hoped for, Mama Blessing presented her with a new car. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony and her testimony of how God came through for her during the reception brought tears to their eyes and some promised to yield their lives to God. They moved to Barcelona thereafter where they began their new journey in the fear of God and in furtherance of the gospel through their children ministry. Annie was a great vessel God used to solidify their ministry within the church and in other churches.

During their first summer trip to Vienna, Angela held her husband’s hand as they sat around the beach, “I thank God for beaming His light on the pole of purpose in my life. I had groped in the dark for years until Jesus came to my rescue. It was as if no man would be willing to marry me and take care of my daughter but I thank God for proving Himself as the great restorer and faithful Father.”

David who was looking at her protruded tommy answered, “I thank God for giving me a wonderful woman, the mother of my twins who against all odds waited for me and complete my life with joy and peace. Truly, a purposeless life is like a pole in the dark. Thank you Jesus for making something great out of our battered lives. We are God’s pole of purpose raising the banner of truth for the world to see. We will keep proclaiming the goodness of God all the days of our lives.”

“Amen!” They chorused together.

Annie ran to them to point their attention to some children playing around the beach.

“Dad, Mum, let’s play together.”

Angela tapped her husband and smiled, “I want to stay with the twins here. Please, go and play with your daughter.”

David ran after Annie and played together in the sand. Angela watched them with great admiration and whispered in prayers to God, “Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness and blessings. I’m grateful for the husband you gave me. Thank you Jesus!”

She brought out her phone and took their pictures while the sun shone gently on them with the beautiful sea at their background…


Have you been blessed by this story?

Share your thoughts, lessons and comments.

God visited Angela and He will also visit you as you surrender your life to Jesus Christ. He loves you.

Thank you very much.

God bless you.

Olumide Fatunsin

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