A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 29) – Olumide Fatunsin

Mrs Hephzibah sighed deeply as she looked at her sister radiating the joy of God. She asked if she could think over it but Angela warned her against delaying her salvation. She opened the Bible to her and admonished her to yield her all to Jesus Christ. When she was about to
pray with her, Angela’s phone rang. She ignored it and held her sister’s hands. The phone rang again but she was determined to lead her to Jesus.

“Lord Jesus, I receive you as my Lord and Saviour…” Mrs Hephzibah finally gave her life to Jesus. Angela encouraged her to believe God for the new transformation in her life and hold onto God by His grace.

Annie brought her phone to her when they had finished praying. Angela couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw two text messages from Leah. Her sister asked her for the reason she sighed with sadness written on her face.

“Tony abused Leah emotionally and sexually. Why are men like this? But Tony told me they weren’t compatible.” Angela told her sister everything about them.

“Angela, my experience in the prostitution business showed me the other side of men. Ha! I believe God has forgiven me. Although it isn’t applicable to all men but the ones that I have seen are devourers in human form. Can you imagine a man sleeping with women in a row within one day? One of the ladies landed in the hospital when a man tied her to the bed to satisfy himself. This is ridiculous! I have heard and seen a lot of strange experiences. Hmnn, I believe God has forgiven me.” She lamented.

Angela shared her own ugly experience with Tony and Pastor Abraham before she encountered God. They praised God for His mercy and forgiveness. Later, Angela replied Leah’s messages to comfort and pray for her. The sisters talked until midnight before retiring to bed. Mrs Hephzibah stayed for three days before returning to her family. They forgave each other and promised to draw closer to God and each other. Angela also promised to return her visit with Annie during the following summer break.

After two months, the men in her church organised a program with invited guests in attendance and the women helped them to entertain them. Later, when the women were cleaning the church after the program, the Pastor called her into his office. Angela was surprised to see the Pastor’s wife too and she welcomed her specially.

Pastor Lambert cleared his throat and shared a story with her,

“Sister Angela, there was a king living in a faraway country who has two children. One of them travelled to another country in search of a precious pearl. When he found it, he sought the permission of the owner of the land to at least ask some questions about the pearl. So, the owner told him to go back and ask his father for the final approval. He went back and his father approved it. Joyfully, he came back to the land where he found the pearl but the land owner decided to examine the pearl before releasing it. Now, what do you think the land owner should do?”

Angela thought for a while and replied, “I think the land owner should examine the pearl before releasing it. But I’m sure the man is ready to buy it.”

Pastor looked at his wife who was all smiles. She asked Angela if she had been praying to know God’s will in marriage. Angela looked at them suspiciously before answering them,

“I have prayed before but I’m not sure if I’m ready now. I have faced a lot of challenges with…with… I just pray God will help me.”

“Every single brother or sister will pass that stage in life. I know you have heard in one of my preachings how I almost missed my wife if not for God’s guidance and mecy. I thank God I didn’t snub her then when I had lost hope. So, Sister Angela be sensitive to the leading of God.” Pastor encouraged her.

“Did you understand the story my husband shared with you?”

“No ma!”

“In summary, a brother revealed to us that God has led him to marry you. As a Pastor of this church, I can’t just allow anybody to take you away without your approval. Please, go and pray for more clarification. We will also join you in prayers and I’m sure God will surely speak to you.” Pastor told her.

Angela thanked them for their love and guidance and promised to get back to them. After a week, when she got home from work, she began to praise God. Immediately she finished praising God, a Bible verse dropped into her heart. She quickly picked up her Bible and opened to the book of Psalms 32:8.

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.”

She began to meditate on the verse until a …

To be continued in Episode 30.

Olumide Fatunsin

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