EFFECTIVENESS IN MINISTRY!!! (Unveiling The Secret Of Spiritual Fitness) – By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun


One day, the Spirit of God asked me an extremely crucial question, “What do you consider as the things that will keep you effective in the work that I have committed into your hand?”.

By way of divine impression on my heart I knew He was making reference to my teaching ministry.

Just immediately with great spontaneity and without any hesitation, I responded, “Meditation on God’s Word and praying in the Spirit”.

And then the Holy Spirit said, “Do them daily and practise them regularly”. I got the message!

As I began to pray further, the Holy Spirit began to show me that IN MINISTRY, PEOPLE DON’T PHASE OUT SUDDENLY; THEY PHASE OUT GRADUALLY.

He told me that many ministers have a poor attitude towards THE VERY THINGS that make them effective in ministry, hence their priorities are misplaced.

Dear friend, the bitter truth is that a minister who focuses exclusively on the OUTPUT while neglecting the INPUT will eventually go out of “circulation”.

It is very possible to be busy in ministry without being effective. Sadly, many ministers are like that.

It is possible to be labouring laboriously in ministry while one is gradually losing his cutting edge.

Ironically, the things that make many ministers effective and that keep them spiritually fit are the things that are boring to them.

A minister once said that he knew what he could do that would bring the anointing on him regularly but he wasn’t ready to do it. Can you imagine that thinking pattern?

It is possible to preach oneself to death in ministry if there is no structure in place for refilling and replenishing.

Whatever makes you effective in your work is not negotiable for you.

A minister must pay keen attention to the things that make for his spiritual rejuvenation.

When you minister, you dispense not only spiritual energy but also emotional energy, mental energy, psychological energy and physical energy, therefore you need A RENEWAL OF STRENGTH, and this should be done on a DAILY BASIS.

It keeps you fit and makes your current form to be intact. The things that make us effective must be our daily routine.

Your future is determined by your daily routine. And may I say this; Satan is more interested in your “SECRET MINISTRY” than in your TEACHING MINISTRY.

Satan is more interested in your “SECRET MINISTRY” than in your PREACHING MINISTRY.

This “SECRET MINISTRY” is where you get ministered to and watered by the Lord for daily spiritual refreshing, without which you become weary, tired, exhausted and incapacitated.

Everyone must find out the things that make for their effectiveness and do them regularly.

A medical doctor who doesn’t practise and upgrades his knowledge will become professionally redundant.

If someone finished from medical school but did not practise for twenty-five years, you don’t want to commit a pregnant woman to him to perform a caeserian operation – he does not have current form but head knowledge.

A lawyer who doesn’t know anything about law reports and cannot substantiate his arguments with judicial precedents will be ineffective and “relegated to derogatory”.

A music minister who does not listen to other people’s songs, train his voice, have a personal life of consecration but spends all his time drinking cold water and juice, takes iced cream daily and loves everything “iced” is really kidding.

A footballer who loves going for tournaments but abhors training sessions is a comedian of the 21st century.

When you look at our national team, the Super Eagles, you will see great, resourceful and talented players, especially the 1994 squad because I watched Tunisia 94 and USA 94.

That’s the best formation so far (and that’s my personal opinion).

But you see the handlers call players for training sessions like few months to the Olympics or to the World Cup (now I understand that some of these players are foreign-based players), whereas some nations like Brazil have been training for the same tournaments for a long time.

We’re not playing here. There’s no magic wand to this. Your input will determine your output friend. It is what you put into life that comes back to you in bountiful measures.

Some years ago while I was still at Osogbo, I used to do early morning prayer walk along some streets.

On this fateful day, I was doing my prayer walk along Isale Aro area at about 6:30am, just praying in tongues, and then while I lifted up my eyes and I saw a footballer jogging at that same time.

What crossed my mind was that he’s doing PHYSICAL EXERCISE while I was doing SPIRITUAL EXERCISE, and of course the Scripture captures this – 1 Tim.4:7-8.

What that guy was doing was to keep himself fit and effective in his chosen field and what I was also doing was to keep myself fit and effective for my ministry.

I have seen people who don’t take care of the “work tools” that will make them effective and also that will make their work easy.

For instance, some commercial drivers fall into this category. They won’t take care of their “tools of work”.

They won’t fix their cars, cabs and buses when need be, thus their effectiveness becomes undermined.

Many years ago, I was traveling from Osogbo to Lagos by a commercial bus.

I sat at the front and I just noticed that anytime our driver wanted to overtake another moving vehicle, he wouldn’t press the horn.

So when we got to the outskirts of Ibadan heading towards Lagos, I challenged him on it and without any sign of remorse or soberness on his part, he said, “It’s just the horn; I know how to work around it”.

That horn would not cost him much, but he wasn’t ready to invest in the very thing that would make him effective and that bring daily bread to his table.

Many people are like that, including some ministers. They focus on the ACCESSORIES while neglecting the ESSENTIALS.

Friend, any investment you make in remaining effective is HUGE. You may need to go for training and retraining.

You may need to attend seminars online or on ground. Don’t look for free lunches in life.

Invest massively in your personal, professional and ministry upgrade.

Stop asking people to make things free for you. Take responsibility for your life and ministry.

Build and develop a system that will feed your spirit and develop your mind so that you can be a continuous channel of blessing.

Just one day, I bought about forty books by Bishop David Oyedepo.

Just one day and that’s like three months to our wedding, I bought twenty-nine books at Bible Wonderland, Pen Cinema, Agege, Lagos after I finished ministering at a Baptist Camp Meeting.

The books currently in my personal library run to about 600 in number, and I’m not talking about E.books here.

We have a duty to keep ourselves effective. We can’t keep ministering to people without us being ministered to.

We can’t run ministry on an erratic prayer life. We can’t run ministry on a poor study habit.

We can’t keep dishing out the Word without us being fed regularly, otherwise we’ll get fed up with the work.

I listened to a tape by Bishop David Oyedepo in the year 2004 entitled, “SPIRITUAL MEAT FOR EVER-INCREASING STRENGTH” and he said, “Let’s go back to His table and feed, so that those who are clapping for us today will not gather to mock us tomorrow”.

It was a Ministers’ Conference and that message made an indelible impression on my heart.

Dear Sirs and Mas, people celebrate the Grace of God upon our lives today.

They call us all kinds of names: Word man, Rhemapedia, Flower, Worded, Deep, Loaded, etc.

But let’s not forget to do on A DAILY BASIS the things that keep us effective so that the axehead does not become blunt.

By God’s Grace, I teach the Word in church, on Radio, on social media platforms, in external ministrations, during personal interaction with people, etc. and all of these are done REGULARLY.

Now imagine if one doesn’t have a system or structure in place for a refilling and replenishing of strength, it will be a sorry case.

That’s how people phase out of ministry. Remember, PEOPLE DON’T PHASE OUT OF MINISTRY SUDDENLY; THEY PHASE OUT OF MINISTRY GRADUALLY, and this starts by taking their “spiritual health” for granted.

But one thing is very sure; if you can do DAILY and REGULARLY the things that make you effective, you’re surely going to be a constant channel of blessing and it will not be to your own detriment.

We all need to pay attention to our “SECRET MINISTRY” so that our outward expressions do not fizzle out with time.

May the Lord help us all!


I trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?



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