Joel 2:25

“So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten,The crawling locust,The consuming locust,And the chewing locust,My great army which I sent among you”


Release and Restoration, are two experiences that plays a critical role in the life of a believer. These encounters facilitate purposeful living in the life of a believer, by presenting him/her the atmosphere to explore endless possibilities (maximization of potentials).

However, it is important to identify the meaning of these two words, inorder to understand their importance.

1. RELEASE: The word release, implies two meanings;

a. To set free.

b. To cause a steady and consistent supply.

2. RESTORATION: The word restoration implies two meanings;

a. To redirect.

b. To recover.

However, with the above definitions, the true essence of these experiences, as it pertains to a believer, cannot be over emphasized. Moreover, for a believer to live a purposeful life, he/she needs to be set free from the limitations that puts a cap on his/her abilities, and also, for him/her to remain in the state of freedom, there needs to be a steady, and consistent flow of supplies.

It is also worthy to note that, restoration cannot be activated when release is not in place. This is to say that, release must be established, for restoration to take place. The children of Israel could not have achieved their full potential in the land of Egypt, because their potential was capped with slavery, and servitude. It is however important to note that, whatever rules you, determines the limit to your potential, hence, if you find yourself in a spiritual Egypt, that realm would determine what your potential would become. Thesame goes for a believer, who is operating from the realm of a spiritual Canaan.

“Whatever rules you, determines the limit to your potential”

There are believers who have been in spiritual Egypts for years, like the children of Israel who sojourned in a strange land for years, hence they need to be set free, inorder to maximize their potentials. Also, there are believers who are already in their spiritual Canaan, maximizing their potentials, hence they need a steady supply of milk and honey to sustain them in that realm, inorder to prevent them from looking back to their spiritual Egyptians for help. This is why, the experience of Release and Restoration, is very key to every believer.

Tommorow, we will be dealing with ways, a believer can experience Release and Restoration. Please kindly keep a date with us.

God bless you.

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