#BookChallenge: 2 BOOKS IN A MONTH

The founder and publisher of The Messenger Blog, Engr. Awe Hilary Mnse, has taken up a challenge to read atleast two books in a month, throughout the year, 2021. He is also by this notice, encouraging the subscribers and followers of this blog, and all who care, to do same.

The books below are for his personal study, but you can also pick them up in any available store around you, or better still, get your own selection of books. The main objective of this challenge, is to be faithful and committed to ensuring that you read atleast two (2) books in a month. This would help increase your knowledge base, and position you for a better year.

Also, you can acquaint us on your book selections for the month, and the lessons learnt, by posting on the comment section, as we also, would be doing same daily.

First Book: MAKING FULL PROOF OF MINISTRY – Dr Paul Enenche.

This book talks about maximizing your potential in Ministry by;

1. Giving full account of your calling.

2. Provision of sufficient evidence that you did not send yourself into ministry.

3. Justification of the abandonment of other pursuits of life.

4. To erase every doubt concerning the genuineness of your calling.

5. To confirm that you are truly called of God

– Dr Paul Enenche


This book talks about self discovery, which aims to uncap the potential abilities of men and women who have been living in limitations, as a result of the challenges of self discovery.


1. To create atleast two (2) hours every day, for this cause.

2. To read atleast three (3) chapters every day.

3. To read atleast two (2) books every month.

4. To apply the knowledge we have derived from these books, in real life experiences, inorder to become better versions of ourselves.

God bless you all, and good luck reading.

#BookChallenge #TheMessengerBlog

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