A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 27) – Olumide Fatunsin

At midnight of the second day, Tony finally returned her several calls. When she picked his call, she heard the voice of Tony writhing in pain. As warned by Mama Blessing to be careful, she asked him to go to the hospital. Tony pleaded with her to come again but she declined. He pressed further until he hit the nail on the head.

“I want you, Angela. Please, I can’t do without you.”

“Why don’t you want to go to the hospital? You need to be treated. You can’t continue to endure this pain.” Angela sympathised.

“Yes, I can’t endure this pain of love. Angela, I want you. You are the only treatment I need.”

When she knew his tactics, she asked after his wife. When he began to stammer, Angela asked him to be truthful to her.

“I’m no more with Leah. Our chemistry didn’t work. Besides, she hates my family. You are a rare gem. Let’s come together for the sake of our daughter.”

His pleas struck deep in her heart to the extent of changing her stance but Mama Blessing’s warning cautioned her.

“Tony, give me time to pray and decide what to do next.”

“I knew it! I knew it!! Angela, after sacrificing my life, time, energy and resources to defend and rescue you from Amos and his men, is this how you want to repay me?”

“I appreciated your efforts and that of Leah. Tony, you can’t force me to marry you. Please, try to understand my point.”

“What of Annie? What will be her fate?”

“God will settle us. Tony, remember the pregnancy wasn’t planned and you even told me to abort it then. So, why this pressure?”

Tony paused and then answered her lustfully, “You are sweet in bed…No other woman can beat you in that game… Angela, I love you.”

It became clear to her why he was after her. She made up her mind to cut off her relationship with him. Tony was shocked to hear her final decision and he tried to use Annie as an excuse but all to no avail. He then threatened to take his daughter by force, but Angela reminded him of Amos and Matt.

“You will be behind the bars too.” She threatened him.

“Angela, you know what? I have all your secrets at my fingertips. I will expose and disgrace you. Mark my words!”

Angela laughed so hard and dropped the bombshell, “I have reported myself to the highest authority and have been acquitted. All my past mistakes and sins have been wiped off and forgotten.”

“No! It’s a lie! I will expose you. Useless woman!”

“Go ahead and do your worst. Tony, I repeat, go ahead and expose me. I now have a clean record. God has forgiven and delivered me. I’m free and free indeed. Goodbye!”

Angela hung up and sighed deeply as she began to praise God for His guidance. She later went and revealed what happened to Mama Blessing who greatly rejoiced with her for God’s mercy and faithfulness. Mama Blessing turned to her and said,

“A pole in the dark cannot be appreciated or noticed unless there’s a bright light. A pole could be a flag, tent or electricity pole but its beauty and what it stands for can be known if it’s in the light. Sister Angela, you are God’s pole carrying the flag of great purpose. If these distractions and darkness in your life aren’t removed, you won’t be able to fulfil your purpose in life.”

“Hmm, a pole in the dark? Lord, make me a pole bearing the flag of Jesus in the light.” Angela confessed confidently.

“Yes! A pole in the light will be noticed. Now that you are in the light, you will be able to fulfil God’s purpose for your life and the right man will also be able to locate you. I rejoice with you and pray that God will fulfill His will in your life.”

Angela thanked her for her support and genuine love for her and her daughter. On their way home, Annie repeatedly reminded her mother of her 6th year birthday party with her friends and her mother was prepared to satisfy her. She kept counting days until that day when her friends came to celebrate with her. When the birthday was about to start, someone entered and Angela…

To be continued in Episode 28.

Olumide Fatunsin

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