A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 26) – Olumide Fatunsin

After a month, she received a text message from Tony that he was hospitalised. She booked a flight to Antwerp in a haste and handed her daughter to Mama Blessing. Angela lied she was going to a conference. She reached Antwerp in the evening and headed straight to the hospital. While she was in the taxi, Tony sent another address to her. Immediately she informed the driver of the new address, Mama Blessing called her.

“What! Annie? What happened?”

Angela quickly called Tony to update him but it didn’t go through. She tried again without any success. She decided to check the train schedule and found a train going to Schiphol/Amsterdam airport at 8:30 pm and turned back to the Antwerp central station. She was almost two hours into the journey when Tony called to ask her whereabouts. She told him the urgency of her daughter’s health and promised to visit the following week. She eventually reached Mama Blessing’s house to find her daughter hale and healthy. All through the journey she was in contact with Mama Blessing but meeting her in good condition was a great miracle to her.

“She developed high body temperature after an hour you left. Before I knew it, she began to shiver and I gave her paracetamol. When I couldn’t understand the nature of her sickness, I decided to call you. You know what? Immediately you informed me of your arrival, she was perfectly alright. Maybe she didn’t want you to go?” Mama Blessing narrated to her.

Angela hugged her daughter who was excited to see her. Meanwhile, Mama Blessing had prepared food for her and discouraged her from going back to their house that night. When they were eating, Mama Blessing asked Angela some pertinent questions.

“Will you still be able to attend the conference tomorrow?”

She dropped her spoon on the plate and cleaned her mouth.

“Don’t you want to go again?”

Angela couldn’t respond to her. She sighed deeply as she avoided her piercing eyes.

“Sister Angela, are you hiding something? Tell me…”

“I lied to you!” Angela confessed.

“I knew it!”

There was a pindrop silence and Annie looked at them funnily.

“I went to see Tony!”

“How’s he?”

“I didn’t meet him.”

“Thank you Jesus!”

“Why? What happened?”

Mama Blessing narrated the dream she had some days before how a man lured Angela with an apple. She had already taken two bites before she realised it was a rotten apple. Thereafter, she began to vomit while the man stood there making mockery of her. She couldn’t tell her but prayed and fasted for her. On hearing that, she wept bitterly, repented and asked God for forgiveness.

“Sister Angela, I know you are troubled and yearned to get married. I know there are pressures and great expectations from you. I know you want to enjoy marital bliss.”

Angela looked at her to affirm all she said.

“But there’s a thin line between the right man and the almost right man. My sister, can you just wait on God and put every distraction aside?”

“Every distraction? Including bro Dare?” Angela asked her

“Who’s bro Dare? Is he the one in the choir?”

“No. He is in Nigeria.”

She told her everything about him, her mother and the prophet. She revealed how a man had been sleeping with her every night and the strange dreams. When she finished, Mama Blessing held her hands and began to pray for her. After some minutes, she took her Bible and read Colossians chapter 2 verses 14:& 15 with her.
“Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;

15) And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.”

Then, she prayed fervently with Angela using the Bible verses with praises to God until midnight. Angela knew God had done something new in her life. To her surprise, she didn’t dream of the man and her sleep was pleasant. Before leaving Mama Blessing in the afternoon, she reminded her to wait on God and seek counsels when necessary. Later in the evening, Dare called her with a trembling voice and informed her that the prophet had been paralyzed. She was about to sympathise with him when he said he wouldn’t go ahead with the wedding plan again. Angela paused for some minutes and asked him for the reason.

“My backup is already paralyzed. What can I do? Moreover, your spirit doesn’t match my spirit. We aren’t compatible. Period!”

Angela felt a great relief when he hung up. It was like a dream to see how God delivered her from the bondage. She thought of sharing the news with Mama Blessing when her mother called her. She accused her of calling off the relationship citing her insubordination and having a strange spirit. All attempts to explain herself proved abortive and her mother hung up abruptly. Mama Blessing later rejoiced with her for the victory and encouraged her to prayerfully call her mother to explain everything that happened to her.

At midnight on the following day, Tony finally returned her several calls. When she picked his call, she heard the voice of…

To be continued in Episode 27.

Olumide Fatunsin

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