MY JOB AS A GUEST MINISTER!!! (Lessons In Ministerial Ethics) – By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun


The matter of inter-ministerial collaboration in ministry is one that requires certain guidelines to avoid offences, misgivings and resentments.

With my few years of outdoor ministry experience, I have come to discover that ministry is one field of life that has zero tolerance for assumptions; every thing done must be knowledge-driven and information-driven.

There have been recorded cases of rifts, fracas and altercations among ministers especially in the area of host minister/guest minister relationship to the extent that some ministers have completely shut the door against any guest minister, hence they focus on their sheep without bringing anyone again.

It will be unfair to cast aspersions on those ministers. I mean some have been deeply hurt, injured and wounded by the misdemeanour displayed by the people they invited in the past.

Truth is that it is the person who wears the shoes that knows where it pinches.

However, there’s a better way to go about it. Men with no proven record of ministerial ethics, excellence and integrity should not be brought.

For the host minister, the most important question is, “Will this person contribute to my work?”.

It’s not just about raining fire and brimstone that may eventually consume your congregation if the person in question has no integrity.

So, the host minister needs to be cautious and sensitive to the Spirit of God as par who to bring per time.

Having said that, I believe the bulk of the work rests on the shoulders of the guest minister. Every invitation we get to minister is a PRIVILEGE; not a RIGHT.

Therefore my job as a guest minister is not to:

(1) Take the place of the host minister.

(2) Engage in competition with the host minister.

(3) Stylishly or brazenly recruit followers from the host ministry.

(4) Start a new “series” of teaching.

(5) Impose doctrinal beliefs on the host ministry.

(6) Promote my ministry at the expense of the host ministry.

(7) Go on a fault-finding mission.

Plus Much More!

As an antithesis to the above-stated points, my job as a guest minister is to:

(1) Minister by the Word and the Spirit to the edification of the people.

(2) Build on the foundation already laid by the setman.

(3) Promote the vision of the house by public affirmation and recommendation.

(4) Speak well of the setman and the ministry such that the congregation become more loyal and committed to their Pastor.

(5) Celebrate and encourage the congregation to give their best to the ministry because better days are ahead.

(6) Give my best to the people in terms of being a blessing to them.

(7) Encourage followership by pointing their attention to their God-given shepherd in the house.

Plus Much More!

It is noteworthy that the guest minister has to be deliberate about the above-stated points, not waiting until the Spirit leads because the Spirit will definitely not lead in a way contrary to ministerial ethics.

The guest minister must, as a matter of ethical necessity, appreciate the host minister for inviting him and speak well of the congregation.

Rushing to minister without acknowledging the privilege to stand before the people is a MISFIRE.

On the sideline, I will encourage the guest minister to carry out some background study on the inviting ministry so that he can be acquainted with what they stand for and he will have one or two positive things to say about them.

Some people can wonder why we have to talk about these things. Truth is some destiny relationships have been severed due to lack of balance in this area.

It is humility for us to accept that every great destiny is a product of divine connectivities.

Managing and maintaining ministerial relationships is great wisdom. The minister must realize that he can’t teach everything he knows in ministry based on one invitation only hence a need to tread cautiously.

Over the years, I have been privileged of God to minister in several denominations, ranging from RCCG, WINNERS’ CHAPEL, ANGLICAN, BAPTIST, METHODIST, CAC, CHRIST LIFE CHURCH, VICTORY CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL, MFM, GOSPEL FAITH MISSION, and several other Pentecostal churches, and in all of these, I contributed significantly through my ministrations to the vision of the house.

As a guest minister, if after your ministration, people start questioning the authority of their Pastor or they start exhibiting fits of rebellion, then you have divided the church rather than build it, so you don’t expect that they bring you again.

It is always a beautiful thing to deliberately and intentionally find out what the people can relate to.

For instance, there are places you go to minister, and if you ever sing certain songs, Brother, verily verily I say unto you; you’re the only one that will sing it.

Simple reason is that it’s not the kind of song they’re used to and singing it, except through divine instruction, the guest minister may find himself hanging in the sky.

You sing “Above All Powers”, then be prepared to finish it by yourself. But sing, “Alagbara bi ara o eya Judah…” and the Glory will descend through congregational participation.

Sometime ago, I went to preach at a CAC church in Ikorodu, Lagos State, and when I picked the song, “Oluwa joba lori aye o. Agbara nla lo wo ni aso o”, the Glory descended.

The people could relate to the song and their hearts were fully prepared to receive the Word.

I went to preach at another CAC meeting at Ile-Ife sometime ago and I picked the song:

Erujeje nio o
Erujeje nio Baba – 2ce

Omi nri o – 2ce

Ara ibu ko bale mon o

Erujeje nio Baba

Olorun Babalola
Erujeje nio Baba

Olorun Medayeise
Erujeje nio Baba

Olorun Esinsinade
Erujeje nio Baba

Olorun Odubanjo
Erujeje nio Baba

Olorun Babajide
Erujeje nio Baba

Olorun Obadare
Erujeje nio Baba

Ajinde ninu awon oku
Erujeje nio Baba

Atileyin Samsoni Akande Baba Abiye
Eru, Eru leje o
Erujeje nio Baba.

By the time I picked the first stanza, they had already joined me with so much passion and gusto.

A brother was already holding the wall and swinging his head. I sang their song.

I mentioned their heroes, and friend, I actually taught around New Creation Realities that day with so much results but my entry point was what they were familiar with.

At other meetings, you may sing songs like, “Wonderful Merciful Savior” or “You’re Beautiful Beyond Description… “, etc and the people will flow with you.

The point is that a guest minister should endeavour to know something about the host ministry and discern the line of ministration that the Holy Spirit will want him to take.

I have just given few examples. Context differs but God’s Word and Spirit are eternally constant.

We can avoid divisions and offences in the Body of Christ if we pay the price to give ourselves to things that pertain to our mutual edification and Heaven will gain while hell will lose.

As God Almighty expands the geography of our ministry by the day, let’s endeavour to work for the best of one another and put other people first.

By that, God’s precious people will benefit from ministry gifts that Christ, the Head of the Church, has blessed the Body with and His Name shall be glorified forever and ever.

I hope this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?



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