FACTS OF LIFE – Fada Oluoma

ONCE UPON A TIME, our ancestors roamed the earth, hunting (and getting hunted by other animals),foraging and gathering foods. They didn’t have the luxury of cozy homes, organised cities and modernised life styles we have now.

Yet they didn’t have the problem of joblessness, homelessness and lack or delayed marriage. Their diet was more varied and balanced than ours, so they ate better than us. Amazingly the Bible supports this anthropological theory In Genesis chapters 1 to 3. It climaxed in the Eden garden. There Adam and Eve survived by gathering fruits. This is the “hunter- gatherer” epoch of humanity.

Then came the COGNITIVE REVOLUTION. Something happened in the brains of our ancestors that led to a new level of cerebral dexterity that separated them from other species of humans and animals. This is the birth of HOMO SAPIENS, our immediate ancestors.

They discovered language, social skills and other tools that gave them survival advantage over other human species and our lesser animal kith and kin. They could think, form knowledge and pass it on.

Hey, are you thinking what I’m thinking 🤔. Yep, the Bible alludes to the cognitive revolution in Genesis 3 where Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. Let’s ignore the parts of the smooth talking snake and others for now mbok😒

The AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION followed almost immediately. Chapter 3 of Genesis captures this too, remember God sent “us” packing from the Garden and said man will now eat by tilling the ground 😢😥. That was the end of the “hunter gatherer” epoch.

The Agricultural revolution meant people grew their food. It is the domestication of plants and animals by our specie. It would be the rise of settlements, towns and clusters. The domestication of plants and animals meant we didn’t need to roam again to get food, we simply grew them. That made us powerful😎, we became the cool “deputy” God. We were close to achieving that enticing campaign promise the smooth talking snake gave us in the Garden: “you will become like God”

We took it further by devising a clever plan to build a tower that will reach heaven😳😦We were on the steroids of the cognitive and agricultural revolution and felt unstoppable. Permit me to say that the story of the Tower of Babel in Gen 11 reflects this epic of humanity.

At this stage things have improved, standard of living has grown, certain luxuries and pleasures inconceivable to our “hunter-gatherer” ancestors started emanating. Unfortunately, they came at some costs😭😭

Having tasted the juicy sweetness of life in clusters and cities, our anatomy detested roaming. Since people lived in clusters, they cultivated only as much land as are close to them, this meant that some people didn’t have access to land like others.

Boom! came the problem of joblessness and restricted diet which will lead to certain health conditions that weren’t there when we were HUNTER GATHERERS. Land ownership started and from no where the most abundant things in life became “inadequate”. BEHIND EVERY LUXURY LURKS A MISERY.

There are lands everywhere, but our choice of the luxury of settlement over wandering has made available lands limited. We can’t eat our cake and have it. How does any being claim ownership of land that existed billions of years before he came? This is one of the consequences of the revolutions in humanity.

The problem of joblessness originated at this stage, something our crude and less “civilised” forebears never faced. The agricultural revolution gave birth to employment and unemployment. In the pre agricultural era nobody employed anyone because nobody needed to employ anyone.

The fact is: * as things improve, human needs increase*, this a fact of life. This is why human beings will never be satisfied by material conditions, never ever, ever.

So, calm down, your delay in marriage or lack of marriage, joblessness and other problems aren’t necessarily spiritual, in fact they are most certainly not. Most problems we face today are the unintended consequences of advancement in human history. Let’s join hands with government to find policies that will address most of them.

At no point in time was life perfect, at no point in time will it be. While our ancestors had no tinge of what we enjoy today, they were also free from some of the things we suffer today. The cognitive and agricultural revolutions took humanity to unprecedented progress, sadly not without unprecedented problems too.

Are you tired of reading? Don’t be lazy, hang on I still have one more revolution🙄🙄

TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION followed. Computers and computerised tools came in. This brought screaming improvement as well as screaming ‘wahalas’😳

Now listen, joblessness is one of the problems we face now. In the future, it won’t be. Artificial intelligence is breaking forth into our affairs. There will be such a time when no human being needs to work. Just sit at home and robots will do all the jobs: from manufacturing to trading, to shopping, cooking, cleaning and everything human beings do now.

All humans can do is just relax, binge, eat and sleep. That would be paradise, right? Yes, but a paradise with another price: redundancy and loss of self worth. Human beings will feel redundant, they will see no meaning in life and probably die out of sheer frustration of meaninglessness. So, while the machines can be accused of taking our jobs now, in the future they will take away our USEFULNESS AND PURPOSE.

Don’t worry, you will most likely not be alive to see this happen, maybe your children will.

So, problems “no dey finish”, most of our problems were not manufactured in hell. Save the Holy Ghost fire and serve God in spirit and truth. As long as life endures on earth, each generation will face problems of its own. Calm down, think scientifically, look for solutions to humanity’s problem in whatever field you have trained, then worship God always.

The brain of a typical Nigerian politician and public office holder is still that of HUNTER-GATHERER. You can understand why all they do in office is HUNT and GATHER our collective wealth for themselves. I think some men and women of God are not different 🤔. Someone should help me tell these lots that humanity achieved COGNITIVE REVOLUTION tens of thousands of years ago, they should catch up😡😡

N. B This piece is going to be part of a book I’m writing. Oh God, when will I finish it😭😭

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