A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 25) – Olumide Fatunsin

Richard couldn’t believe his eyes. He wanted to attack her with words again but she pushed him out of her house.

“Don’t ever come here again, or else I will deal with you.” She slammed the door with these words.

She was about to sit down when Annie gave her Richard’s phone. When she collected it, a text message came in.

“Honey, I’m horny. Can’t wait to see you.”

Angela checked the other text messages and saw lewd messages from three women including a Dutch woman. She was still checking the photo gallery when he came knocking on the door. She opened the door and gently dropped it on the ground.

“I thank God for exposing your real character today. My God! Eva, Marielle, Remi and the other women in your life? And you are here threatening me to cook for you and serve my master? I pity the woman you will eventually marry. If I see you here again, just be ready for the police.” He stood there like an exposed thief while she railed on him and then closed the door.

“Mum, why is this man always angry?” Annie asked her.

“Don’t worry. Bring my phone.”

She saw two missed calls from her mother and wondered how she didn’t hear it. She later called her.

“My daughter, I want to inform you about the outcome of our seven days prayer and fasting.”

“Mummy, I have told you not to fret yourself about marriage..”

She cut in, “Keep quiet! The prophet said your husband is in Nigeria. He said you will always be disappointed by men over there.”

“Mummy! God will help me but…”

“Angela, God will not come down and give you a husband. So, after our fasting and prayers, God revealed to our prophet the name of your husband.”

“Mummy! Remember this is the third prophet that will suggest names to you. Let’s be patient!”

“Be patient? You and Annie need a man to complete your family. I’m your mother and I want the best for you. By the way, I will send the picture of the man and his details to you. Please, contact him as soon as possible. Is that clear?”

She became troubled again after the conversation with her mother.

“Lord, I need your guidance!” She whispered in prayer to God.

Tony stopped calling her for almost two weeks until Angela became worried. One part of her wanted him but the other part desired to wait on God. She picked her phone to call him but there was no response. All her text messages weren’t replied and this heightened her worries. While still expecting to hear from Tony, she saw an unknown number calling her and she picked it with excitement.

“Hello Miss Angela! My name is Dare.”

She couldn’t place the name and asked for proper introduction.

“Your mother knows me and Prophet Jerry received me in a vision.”

Angela remembered the contact her mother sent to her but deemed it unwise to go ahead with it. She managed to respond to some questions he asked and she promised to pray about it. Angela began to receive daily prophetic declarations and Psalms to read from Bro Dare. After a week, it graduated to dreams and revelations he received. If he didn’t dream about traveling to different countries of the world, it would be playing with five children, sleeping on a waterbed or eating Dutch foods. None of those dreams moved her but her mother’s threats to stop calling her if she didn’t marry him affected her.

Dare pressured her to get married soon and she began to give in to her mother’s threats. She refused to disclose anything to Evelyn or her Pastor because she knew what their responses would be. Angela began to open her heart to him and he moved ahead with the help of the Prophet who constantly demanded money from her to pray for her and her future. The wedding preparation was going faster beyond her control. However, she grew lean day after day through extra hours of work and anxiety. Added to her worries were her strange dreams. The strange dreams started when the prophet sent anointing oil to her for spiritual cleansing and protection. A strange man began to sleep with her in her dreams which robbed her of sleep and strength.

After a month, she received a text message from Tony that he was hospitalised. She booked a flight to Antwerp in a haste and handed her daughter to Mama Blessing. She lied she was going to a conference. She reached Antwerp in the evening and headed straight to the hospital. While she waa in the taxi, Tony sent another address to her. Immediately she informed the driver of the new address, Mama Blessing called her.

“What! Annie? What happened?”

To be continued in Episode 26.

Olumide Fatunsin

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