UNDERSTANDING PRAYER (1) – Rev. Dr. Joshua Talena

(1 Thessalonians 5:17) Pray without ceasing

The subject of prayer has an infinite depth and must not be trivialized or approached with unguided familiarity. It is one thing to just pray and it is another to pray with understanding of the spiritual dynamics of the forces of prayer to birth “God-class” kind of results. Over time, prayer has been constricted in terms of what it encompasses. Therefore, it is pertinent to understand what prayer is.

Prayer is the supernatural vibration sponsored by the verbalization of intentions, expectation and interests by the weight of the deposit of the Spirit. In Acts 2:1-4, in the Day of Pentecost, there was a supernatural vibration of the release of the deposit of the Holy which triggered verbalization. This implies, that everything they uttered was not a product of their will but a product of the will of the Spirit. What they were saying was not born of their mortality but of their spirituality.

Prayer is the expression of Divinity through your humanity to take charge and control your physical activities. Prayer is the Spirit of Immortality praying through your mortality. Prayer gives us access to the deep mysteries that are in Christ Jesus. Deep mysteries in Christ are revealed in the place. The deposits released by the Holy Spirit are called out in the place of prayer. Prayer is the catalyst for spiritual manifestation.

Child of God, those who are given to the lifestyle of prayer have the advantage of maximizing the gifts and virtues in Christ. Prayer is a lifestyle for survival in the Kingdom of God. Prayer is getting Heaven involved in your affairs. Do not joke with this year 2021, get Heaven involved in your affairs through prayer.

Meditation: Prayer is the expression of Divinity through your humanity to take charge and control your physical activities

RM:The Importance of Prayer

Prayer:My Father my maker, the God that answers prayers I thank you because lines will fall unto me in pleasant places in Year 2021 in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

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