A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 24) – Olumide Fatunsin

After a week, Angela was on the way home with Annie when a young girl waved at Annie. Her mother also waved at Annie but Angela was on the phone with a friend. Lieke ran to meet Annie.

“Mum! Mum!! Meet my friend!” Annie tapped her mother and introduced her.

Lieke’s mother greeted them and the kids were happy to see each other. They had gone for a weekend shopping. Lieke’s mother used the opportunity to tell Angela how her daughter’s positive influence on Lieke had changed her life too.

“I was born into a religious family but I only attended church during Easter and Christmas periods. Nothing interests me about God. Lieke came home one day and talked about God’s love. I wanted to be sure if I heard right when I asked her to repeat it. The way she spoke about God’s love made me want to hear more. They’re best of friends. Look at them…”

Angela smiled when she saw them playing in the nearby park. “Actually, Annie talks a lot about Lieke. God has been faithful to us. Annie and I have been through a lot of challenges but we are standing by God’s grace.”

Annie ran to her and asked, “Mum, Lieke wants to see my father. When will Daddy come back?”

“Oh, very soon. Don’t worry.”

She ran back to Lieke inside the park. The two women continued talking until Lieke’s mother received a call. It took their mothers’ persuasion before they could leave the park. When they got home, Angela couldn’t stop thinking about her daughter’s constant request to meet her father. She was lost in thought when Tony’s call came in. She reluctantly picked it because he had been pressuring her to come back into her life. Angela had noticed fear in her heart each time he called.

“Dear, please give me another chance in your life. I’m ready to take up my responsibility. I love you.”

“Tony, give me time to think and pray about it. Give me time!”

“For how long are you going to pray? We have come a long way honey. Leave prayer aside and let’s continue our love story. By the way, Annie is also my responsibility. Isn’t it?

“Ok. Tony, I will get back to you.”

She burst into tears after the call and started praying aloud to God to intervene and clear her confusion. She was still praying when Richard knocked on the door. She quickly wiped her face and went to open the door for him. As soon as he came in, he went straight to the dining table. Then, he went to the kitchen and came out in anger,

“Where’s the food? Are you so lazy to prepare food for your master, I mean your fiancé?

“I’m sorry. I was delayed on the way from the supermarket. Give me some minutes to prepare something for you. I’m sorry.” Angela pleaded.

“Do I look like an hungry person? Am I a dog that you want to prepare food within some minutes?” He roared

Angela ran to the kitchen to start preparing the food. She had barely started when he rushed inside the kitchen and railed on her. She didn’t mind his accusations but continued cutting the onions and red pepper. Richard’s anger kept boiling until he snatched the knife from her.

“Won’t you respond to me? Am I an animal?”

“Richard, let me quickly prepare your food. Give me the knife.” She said.

Richard threw the knife at her and it hit her left hand. Her cry rent the air as blood gushed out of her hand. She opened the kitchen tap to wash her hand. Richard stood there and blamed her for annoying him.

Annie rushed to her mother and asked,

“Mum, what happened to your hand?”

“Annie, go and bring the first aid box.”
She ran to the bedroom.

“Don’t be a lazy woman. Ordinary wound and you want the whole world to come and sympathise with you. Be a wise woman! A wise woman builds her home and not to starves her husband. Lazy woman!” He said and went to the sitting room.

Annie came in and they dressed her hand. When the pain became unbearable, she left the kitchen for the sitting room.

“Hey, what are you doing here? Who’s helping you in the kitchen?”

Angela didn’t reply him as she nursed her pain. Annie was by her side comforting her and she asked her mother,

“Mum, does this man have human feeling?”

“Annie, keep quiet!” She cautioned her daughter.

Richard was shocked to hear Annie’s remark. To save his face, he rose up and came to her, “What can I do for you?”

Angela rested her head on the sofa without responding to his question.

“Is this how you will behave after we get married?” He asked.

Angela looked at him and shook her head in pity.

He tried to calm down the situation and told her, “You know an hungry man is an angry man. Once I’m hungry, I won’t recognise anything again except food.”

Angela still refused to answer his questions.

“Won’t you respond to all my questions? Is this how a virtuous woman behaves? I’m highly disappointed in you. I think you need to work on your character and be active to fulfill your responsibility.”

Like a wounded lioness, she rose up and opened the door,

“Please, leave my house!”

Richard couldn’t believe his eyes. He wanted to attack her with words again but she pushed him out of her house.

“Don’t ever come here again or else, I will deal with you.” She slammed the door with these words.

She was about to sit down when…

To be continued in Episode 25.

Olumide Fatunsin

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