Scriptures: Psalm 8:3-6, GEN 27:40, Gen. 1:28, Judges 5:13; Rev. 2:26; Job 25:2; 1John 5:4; Ex 32:18

1. O Lord my God, you said I am an overcomer in this world, I decree in this year 2021, I exercise dominion over every troubler of my life, whether they be spirits or human beings, I command them to bow by fire in Jesus name.

2. Baba, I command my dominion and fear to rest upon the lot of my enemies, let them tremble at my decree and to the injunctions of my prayers by fire as I pray now in Jesus name.

3. O Lord, you put all things under me, I exercise dominion over my domain, I decree that every intruder coming to molest me in the area of my domain in the year 2021, I command them to be paralyzed in Jesus name.

4. My Father, my Father, give me territorial dominion and announce my product and personality in my territory, let my business and career and the product of my personality cover the city where I live in the name of Jesus Christ.

5. O Lord, give me dominion that brings recognition, let my dominion compare the noble and mighty in the land to honour and respect what I carry and what I have to offer in the name of Jesus Christ.

6. Baba, any confrontational powers of hell, every enemy that had been challenging my authority before now, I command the fear of my dominion to fall upon them; let it compel them to make peace with me in Jesus name.

7. My Father, as from this day henceforth, I refuse to be defeated, molested and oppressed by the very things you made me to lord over, I awake in the realm of the spirit and I dominate them now in Jesus name.

8. Baba, I receive dominion to operate as an overcomer in the year 2021, I swallow the battles of life that swallow others, I brings territorial forces under their kneels before me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

9. By the mantle of Immortality in my humanity, I decree, I will not be rejected and treated with disrespect by any institution or person. I will live as an overcomer, and I will live a victorious life throughout 2021 in Jesus name.

10. O Lord, no one carrying your divinity in their humanity ever lacks dominion, therefore, I carry divine immunity against forces and agents of lack in Jesus name.

11. By divine Immunity which I carry in my humanity, I overcome the world and its system: I will not be vulnerable to sickness, satanic attacks and operations henceforth in Jesus name.

12. O Lord, in the year 2021, I operate in the matchless dominion of Christ in everything I will do. I decree, I am unconquerable by any force of darkness in Jesus name.

13. I declare that hell will not curtail my dominion in 2021 by any form of their evil weapon or strategy, the harder they try the more I dominate them, the less they try the more they become subject to me in Jesus name.

14. O Lord, this year I will be a territorial commander. Father, help me to dominate my adversaries and overcome their negative influence over my expected blessings in Jesus Name.

15. My Father, I decree: any power that held my breakthrough captive in 2020 and it’s working to do same this year, I receive power from God to dominate them and I take back what belong to me this year by fire in Jesus Name.

16. O Lord, whatever power that have made me a servant to lack, pain, rejection, singlehood, childless, I take authority over them and I decree that in this year 2021, I command their operations to come to an end in Jesus name.

17. Baba, I come against every work of the flesh, habit, or influence that has hindered me from living a life of an overcomer, I dominate and seize their operations in Jesus Name.

18. O Lord, any power that has taking dominion over my blessings in the past waiting to manifest the same in this year to frustrate my dreams in 2021, you are a liar, be destroyed by fire in Jesus Name.

19. Let the power of the Most High arise and subdue the satanic forces fighting and resisting my destiny fulfillment. I receive divine dominance to keep them under my control so as to actualize my dreams in 2021 in Jesus name.

20. Baba, as begin to pray now, I decree that my celebrations and achievement begin this January. Oh Lord, people shall come to celebrate me and tell me congratulations before the end of first quarter of this year in Jesus name.

21. My Father, I know that the grace to overcome has been given unto me, give me the ability to maintain a life of an overcomer in 2021 so that I will remain on top only in all ramifications by being obedient to scriptural and pastoral instructions that will help me gain dominion this year in Jesus Name.


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