A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 23) – Olumide Fatunsin

Before Angela could say anything, Mama Blessing brought out her phone and showed her some pictures.

“Can you spot the difference between these two women?”

Angela looked at them and pointed to the one on the left.

“I think this is your daughter and you are the one on the right side.”

“God bless you my sister. What else did you observe?” Mama Blessing asked.

Angela took a deep breath and replied with a smile,

“You resemble each other like twins.”

“Sister Angela, you are correct. When I waited for God’s timing, he brought my husband to me. He is everything I wanted in a man and much more, he gave me peace of mind. I never regretted getting married to him. When I told my husband about my abortion and the negative reports of the doctors, he stood on his convictions that the same God who led him to me would take control. What I had thought would discourage him eventually became his regular prayer points and encouragement to me. God gave us three daughters and two of them are already married with children. In fact, God made our parenting responsibilities easy by His grace. One thing I discovered is that God is able to turn our ugly past around for His glory.” Mama Blessing narrated.

“Hallelujah!” Angela praised God with renewed assurance.

Mama blessing continued her admonition with passion, “When a woman is looking younger everyday, it’s not unlikely she is enjoying her marriage. Marrying right is the key and God is the best matchmaker. There are always challenges in marriage but with prayers, patience, love, forgiveness and trust in God, all will be well.”

“Hmnn, prayers, forgiveness, love and…” Angela tried to remember.

“Trust in God and patience!” Mama Blessing completed it.

“Mama, you have really inspired me with your heartfelt admonition. I’m so grateful for pouring out your heart. In fact, I really need it because I’m about to make another mistake of my life. I was already thinking of yielding to his daily sinful request. No one is ready to marry me because of my daughter except Richard. I want a man who would not despise my daughter or maltreat her ” Angela confessed.

“When you choose by yourself, the greater the fears and uncertainties. However, when God chooses for you, peace will be the outcome. Sin is pleasurable for a moment but its sting is poisonous and causes damages. If not for God’s mercy, I would have been dead. Like a pole in the dark, we need light to be able to see clearly to avoid hitting our heads against it. We need the light of God’s word to be able to navigate our ways through the darkness of this world. My sister, God has a better plan for you and your daughter. Stay with God. Stand on your godly convictions and you will testify of His goodness very soon.” Mama Blessing encouraged her.

Angela asked her more questions until she was ready to take a definite step. Mama Blessing prayed for her before she left and Angela thanked her for her encouragement. Later that evening, she received a surprise call from Tony. He informed her of his decision to come back. She didn’t bother to ask about Leah or his reasons. She took time to meditate on Mama Blessing’s words and prayed fervently in the night. She wanted to do God’s will but Tony’s call and Richard’s persistent requests added to her confusion.

After a week, Angela was on the way home with Annie when a …

To be continued in Episode 24.

Olumide Fatunsin

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