Today’s Word (09/01/2021): THE INFLUENCE OF A SPOUSE


1 Kings 21:25

But there was no one like Ahab who sold himself to do wickedness in the sight of the Lord, because Jezebel his wife stirred him up.


Marriage is an institution created by God to maintain and sustain a lifestyle that is ordained by God in our society. Every outcome of the society, which is either good or bad, is traceable to the formation or composition of a marriage. However, it becomes imperative to ascertain the nature or state of those who comprise or make up a marriage.

God ordained marriage for a man and woman, hence, any contrary practice (man to man, woman to woman, or human to animal or objects), is not marriage, but an abomination to God (Leviticus18:22-23). It might interest you to note that, the first man and woman (Adam and Eve) had the knowledge of God, and dwelt in the presence of God, before the marital knots were tied (Genesis 2:22-23).

However, unlike previous definitions, marriage is defined by the coming together of a Man and Woman (physically and spiritually matured) who have the knowledge of God, and dwells in the presence of God. These standards have been violated repeatedly in our time, hence, our homes are filled with men and women who exhibit Jezebelike spirits. It is however important to note that, who you marry, determines who you become, because by virtue of marriage, you now share thesame composition with your spouse. Hence, if you marry a Jezebel, you will turn out to be an Ahab, by behaving like a Jezebel, or if you marry an unbeliever, the standards of God in your home will be continually degraded, until it becomes extinct.

For the unmarried, its is important to note these key points, and if you are already married, you need to pray for your spouse.


1. You must come to the awareness that God is the owner of marriage, not you or your intended spouse (or spouse) – Genesis 2:18, Genesis 2:24).

2. You must come to the awareness that God sets the standards for marriage, and for you or your intended spouse (or spouse) to fit in, both of you must align with His standards (Genesis 2:24, Mathew 19:5-6).

3. Marriage is in the presence of God, and every applicant is qualified by virtue of the knowledge of God, and the indwelling of him/her in the presence of God, not just solely on age. However, you might be of age, as required by the law, but you might not be of age before God, because you do not dwell in His presence, neither do you know Him (Genesis 2:18 -22). The knowledge of God is not a function of how many scriptures you can quote, but the evidence of how many you have sown in your heart, that bears fruit in your life (Collosians 1:10).

4. Marriage is in the presence of God, hence, every man’s search must be conducted in the presence of God, and every woman must be in the presence of God to be found (Genesis 2:21-24). Dwelling in the presence of God, is not defined by your affiliation to any denomination, or how many church services or crusades you have attended. It simply means mirroring yourself in God, which means, when you see God, you see yourself, and when people see you, they see God (John 6:46, 1 John 4:12).

5. The realm of marriage is not controlled by feelings or emotions, but by the presence of God. However, in preparing for marriage, never you marry on the premise of feelings and emotions. Also, you have to resist the attempt of making conclusions based on the physical things your eyes behold, because anything you see outside God, is not meant for you. Adam saw God before he met his wife (Genesis 2:19 -21), and Eve on the other hand, saw God before she met Adam, because God brought her to Adam (Genesis 2:22). In searching for a spouse, as a man, you must find God first, otherwise you will marry outside the will of God. Also, as a woman, you must find God first, otherwise you will be found by a man outside God.

6. Do not marry outside the tribe of God. Remember that God warned the children of Israel not to marry from certain tribes, to avoid being corrupted (Deuteronomy 7:2-4). This instruction is still very relevant till date, because when you marry an unbeliever, he or she will corrupt you. There are many believers today, who have found themselves in other religions, because of their spouse. There are many believers home today, where strange prayers are being offered daily, because they married outside the tribe of God.

7. Every product has a manufacturer’s manual, which directs the application of right usage. Marriage is an invention of God, hence we need to study and understand His manual (The Holy Bible), inorder to function effectively in it. The manual (The Holy Bible) reveals to us God’s standards in marriage, His purpose for the married, the position that each party should occupy, and their esponsibilities in a home (Mathew 19:4, 1 Corinthians 11:11-12, 1 Corinthians 11:3, 1 Corinthians 5:23, Ephesians 5:22).

8. Pray before marriage, to seek the will and purpose of God for you, and your intended home. It is important to note that, every Godly home has an assignment from God, hence pray for God to enlighten your vision, and that of your intended spouse, that both of you may see clearly the reason for your ordination in marriage (Mark 7:7, John 15:7).


1. Check your standing with God, and make appropriate adjustments, if you are not in the right standing with God.

2. Take a decision to remain in the presence of God, irrespective of the pressures of the world.

3. Study the word of God to show yourself approved unto God, that you may know the perfect will of God concerning marriage.

4. Refuse to lower the standards of God concerning your marriage.

5. Do not marry outside the tribe of God.

6. Pray to seek the face of God concerning your marriage.

7. Allow God to lead you into marriage, and allow Him to lead you in marriage.

God bless you.

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