HOW TO PRESERVE YOUR “OIL” IN MINISTRY!!! (Revival Lessons For The Next Generation) – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun


As we experience another wave of revival in the land, it is important for the new generation of ministers to take heed to certain guidelines and precautions.

Whether we anticipate it or not, whatever befell the ministers of the previous generations will still try to resurface in our generation.

By the Grace of God, I have studied a couple of revivals in both classical and contemporary Church history, and I have come to realize that the strategies of the enemy to tamper with those revivals are generationally constant.

In other words, they have not changed because Satan does not have new methods; he only rebrands his old methods.

There are many landmines that the enemy sets for people in a revival, ranging from discord to monopoly, from pride to superiority complex, from doctrinal controversies to competitive jealousy, etc.

But among these all, there’s one that you should be mindful of and that is what I call SPIRITUAL CRISS-CROSSING, and the way to do it is to know without an iota of a doubt THE KIND OF OIL UPON YOUR LIFE.

Sometimes people out of a sincere and genuine desire will seek to drag you into what your anointing does not cover, and that happens to virtually every firebrand minister.

It’s important to note that “EVERY ANOINTING HAS LIMITATIONS” and I like you to really understand what I’m saying in context.

Truth is no matter the dimension of the anointing upon your life, there are certain things that it cannot do.

Not because it is weak but because it’s not designed to do them and it is humility to accept that fact early in ministry.

For instance, the teaching anointing cannot preach; the preaching anointing cannot teach; the healing anointing cannot teach; and same thing is applicable to the prophetic anointing and other dimensions of the Spirit.

There’s order in the things of the Spirit. A delicate balance that we should strike here however is that sometimes based on the prerogative of God and the discretion of the Holy Spirit, some of these anointings will have a little colouration of one or two other dimensions because of the mandate of the Lord upon the life of a minister.

But in the truest Biblical sense, EVERY ANOINTING HAS ITS SPECIFIC PURPOSE. We see this even in the life and ministry of Christ – Matt. 9:35, Lk. 4:18-19.

Another thing that can happen is that a minister can stand in more than one ministy office at the same time. We see this in the life and ministry of Paul – 2 Tim.1:11.

So, there is a class of exceptions to this general rule. What is most important for a minister to know is THE KIND OF OIL UPON HIS LIFE, and there’s no better time to etch this truth on the cavass of one’s heart than in the midst of a revival.

You see, in a revival, ministers have the tendency to fall into the temptation of thinking that they can do everything, and that’s not correct.

Those who quote Paul’s “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me” – Phil. 4:13 should be reminded that Paul in context was simply saying that he could abase and abound; that he could cope with any kind of situation in terms of forbearance by the strength of Christ in him – Phil. 4:12.

He wasn’t saying that he could combine all the assignments given to all ministers in the world together and carry them out.

Paul was not a dumb preacher. It was he who said whereas God sent him to the Gentiles, the assignment of Peter was however to the Jews – Gal. 2:8.

You can’t be everything dear minister. Find out THE OIL OF GOD UPON YOUR LIFE and toe that line.

Some ministers have cut their lives short because they felt they could do everything. You can’t win all the souls in the whole world. You can’t singlehandedly build the Body of Christ.

You only have a part to play. Sometime ago, I met an old man in the bank who introduced himself to me as a missionary.

He said God sent him to town as a missionary, and the point is that I, with other ministers, live in the same town.

Friend, Jesus said the harvest is great but the labourers are few – Matt. 9:37. You’re not the only labourer.

Don’t kill yourself. Play your part and pray that God Almighty should send more labourers to the field – Matt. 9:38.

Never ever fall into the temptation that the end-time revival is built around you. No; it’s built around Christ.


The moment one compromises one’s assignment from God in a generation, then he becomes sidelined out of the move of God in that generation. I don’t want to go into too many examples this morning.

But Church history shows us that during certain revivals, some ministers felt they too could do what others were doing and their ministries became abandoned on the dunghill of history.

The order is that you should find out what God wants you to do in the midst of His move in your generation and stay put to it. While you can be inspired by other people’s works, find out what God wants you to do.

During the healing revival in America which took place from 1948 through 1957, Oral Roberts put up tent meetings; William Branham did the same thing; Gordon Lindsay was coordinating it through administrative support; and Kenneth Hagin stayed on teaching.

Dad Hagin never put up tent meetings in the order of Oral Roberts et al. He understood his role in the revival, and he, Oral Roberts and T. L. Osborn outlived many of their colleagues.

During the Babalola’s and Babajide’s revival of the 1930s and 1940s, Pa Elton’s role was to create a balance of doctrine, and the same extended to the 1970s and 1980s when God used him to influence a generation of young ministers who later became leaders of the Church in Nigeria today.

We all have a part to play in the next revival. Find out what God has ordained for you. Find out and take your place in the next wave.

Know THE OIL OF GOD UPON YOUR LIFE and labour in that direction.

It is my prayer that nobody will take your place in this next move of God upon the face of the earth in Jesus’ Precious Name.

The Cloud Of Glory Is Moving Again!

Let Us Move With The Cloud!!



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