Psalms 5:2

Give heed to the voice of my cry, My King and my God,For to You I will pray.


1. Lord, sperate me from every wrong company that hinders the hand of God from planting me to the source of His divine supplies (Psalm 1:1-3).

2. Lord, shield me from every battle designed to distract me from functioning effectively in my divine purpose (Psalm 3:1-3).

3. Lord, lead me in Your righteousness, and make Your way straight before me, that Your purpose for my life, will become clearer to me (Psalm 5:8).

4. Lord, preserve me for the completion of Your purpose in my life, let my expectations not be cut short, neither should You allow, the expectations of the enemy to prevail over my life (Psalm 16:1).

7. The earth is the Lord’s, and its fullness thereof, I hereby command that all territorial gates, that needs to be open for the fulfillment of my purpose, be ye lifted up O you gates, and grant me entry into you, that I (your name) will possess my possessions in you (Psalm 24:7).

8. Every enemy of my purpose, that has bent its bows, and drawn its swords to bring me down as I move to possess the gates of my breakthroughs, Lord break their bows, and redirect their swords into their hearts, if they fail to repent (Psalm 37:14-15).

9. Lord, I will not put my trust in my plans, neither will I put my confidence in my strategies, but in You O’ Lord, will I trust, that you will bring to pass, all that You have purposed to do in my life (Psalm 44:6-7).

10. Lord, the heart of the king is in Your Hands, the systems of the world are subject to Your command, O’ Lord cause a readjustment and realignment of the systems around the world, to favour my life (Psalm 47:8).

11. Lord, take away every spirit of fear from me, help me to focus on You, and not the activities of the enemy (Psalm 64:1).

12. Lord, cause Your Face to shine upon me, restore unto me everything that I have lost (Psalm 80:7).

13. Lord, every plan of satan and his agents, together with its effects, shall never be found in my dwelling place (Psalm 91:7).

14. Lord, permit no one to do me wrong (Psalm 105:14).

15. Lord, give me the grace to hide Your words in my heart, and prevent me from committing any sin, that would cost me my victory (Psalm Psalm 119:28-31).

16. Lord, bless me out of Zion, and let me see and experience the good of the land on which I stand (Psalm 128:5).

17. Lord, every pit that the proud have dug for me, to put an end to my life on the earth, Lord execute Your judgement on them, if they fail to repent (Psalm 119:85-87).

18. Lord, envision my eyes to see things of great value, which will add quality to my life (Psalm 119:37).

19. Lord, make haste to answer me, satisfy me early, that all those who seek my downfall, would be confounded and turned back in their shame (Psalm 70:1-3).

20. Lord, give me the grace to wait patiently for Your reply, and prevent me from being moved from my resolution to wait upon You (Psalm 62:1).

21. Lord, like a composer, I have penned down the composition of the songs I will sing to You, like King David, I will dance, and loose myself in Your presence, because am assured that You never fail. Thank You Lord for answered prayers (Psalm 45:1).

…. All in Jesus Name, amen.


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