To you, oh Jonah – Evans Adetokumbo Emmanuel

Jonah, this is for you. You were meant to head to Tarshish, you are buying the ticket to Nineveh, you can still get a refund now and turn back to where you were sent to go.

Jonah, you’ve bought the ticket and you’re boarding the ship to Tarshish, you can still step down and return to where you were sent, you may lose your money but you’ll please God.

Jonah, you have boarded, heading to Tarshish, get ready for some storm, it’ll be because of you, I pity those who are in the boat with you. You’ll give them no small trouble and losses and you’ll eventually get thrown into the sea for calm.

Jonah, now that you are being thrown into the sea, getting caught in sea weeds being entangled in all manners in your head, its time you repented, you can still be saved.

Jonah, keep praying, you are about to be swallowed by a big fish if grace God had prepared for you, it’ll take you to the shores of Nineveh now that you have repented, you won’t be digested.

Jonah, just let the fish swallow you up, don’t struggle now anymore, grace has found you, rest and prepare your sermon for the people of Nineveh, they are already waiting for you.

Jonah, now on the shores of Nineveh, arise and brace yourself for the work ahead, forget the past and proclaim the message you were sent with and the people will repent and be saved…

Jonah… At what stage of your journey of obedience are you now…? Follow that path of repentance that’ll take you back to Nineveh so you can fulfil divine purpose and leave your steps on the sand of time… For this cause you were born, for this purpose you have come into the world. All you have accomplished earlier won’t matter anymore if you don’t preach at Nineveh!

To you oh Jonah!
Photo: Pexel/Pixabay

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