Destiny wakes up from the bed of GOD’S COMFORT. He goes to the bathroom of GOD’S CLEANSING and brushes his teeth with toothpaste of CONTENTMENT.

When he gets to his room, he rubs his body with the cream of GOD’S ANOINTING, wears the cloth of GOD’S RIGHTEOUSNESS, combs his hairs with WATCHFULNESS and put on shoes of PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL..

He eats the food of GOD’S WORD and drinks the water of GOD’S GRACE.
He put on his wristwatch of PATIENCE, carries the briefcase of GOD’S PURPOSE and leaves through the door of GOD’S WILL.
He enters his car of GOD’S PROTECTION and zooms off along the pathway of HOLINESS.

Later in the day, he meets COVETOUSNESS and GREED at the supermarket of CAREER who are busy stuffing their trolleys with all kinds of foods and drinks.
When he gets to the counter, two women; GOSSIPING and SLANDERING are busy talking while he stands behind them.

When it gets to his turn to pay, he couldn’t find his wallet again. He begins to search his pockets but ANGER and IMPATIENCE queuing behind him tell him to hurry up.

Out of FRUSTRATION, he leaves the counter to search his car of EASE.
As soon as he reaches his car, a policeman, CONSCIENCE meets him and asks him to show his documents.
Destiny brings out the briefcase of GOD’S PURPOSE and gives him the documents of DISCIPLINE, LAW – ABIDING and INTEGRITY.
The policeman smiles and leaves.

Destiny continues to search for his wallet when MERCY, a tall and handsome man walks up to him and gives him the wallet.

Destiny thanks him profusely when he narrates how he fights and collects the wallet from DEVOURER, who specialises in robbing customers.

Destiny pays for his stuffs and leaves the supermarket. He quickly asks God to forgive him of his NEGLIGENCE.

On his way back home, he receives a call from FAVOUR, his Pastor who informs him that God has remembered his offerings, tithes, support to the needy and His kingdom.
When he parks his car in front of his house of EXPECTATION, his wealthy neighbour, FAITHFULNESS walks up to him and hands over a bunch of keys to him.

Destiny asks him for the reason.
“I am relocating to another continent. These new house, cars and my printing company belong to you. You are such a godly and honest man” He says. Destiny couldn’t believe his eyes. He prays for him and enters his house.

After a while, he receives a message from LOVE, who decides to accept his proposal to marry her. Excited Destiny is about to pray to God when PRAISE and WORSHIP, his younger brothers knock the door. He welcomes them and together they give God the glory.

Soon, GLORY, SUCCESS, PROSPERITY, DIVINE HEALTH and FAME who are his colleagues at work come in to honour the invitation for dinner. To entertain them, Destiny calls MODERATION, a church member to help him also.

However, WORLDLINESS, another church member shows up without being invited. Destiny is furious but MODERATION pulls her aside and sends her away.
After the dinner, they leave his house with the gifts of HUMILITY.

Before retiring to bed, Destiny sits to watch a program on the television of APPEARANCE OF EVIL. Some minutes later, he receives a call from EVIL THOUGHT, his former girlfriend. She speaks so lovingly and asks if she can come over since she is nearby visiting COMPROMISE, her friend.

Destiny tries to drop the call immediately but the images of half-naked women on the TV weaken his will.
He agrees on one condition to meet her outside. Within 10 minutes, the doorbell rings and he goes to answer the visitor.

Lo and behold, OBEDIENCE, COURAGE and SOBERNESS who are intercessors greet him and come inside. They encourage him not to give in to the sinful demands.

Soon, the doorbell rings. They rise up together to answer the visitor. When EVIL THOUGHT sees them, she flees.
Destiny thanks them and promises to be more VIGILANT.

As he lays on his bed, he remembers how GOD’S RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE, SALVATION and LONGSUFFERING brought him out of the city of SIN.

He shed tears of JOY and promises the Lord to continue to SERVE Him IN SEASON and OUT OF SEASON.

Destiny sleeps and dreams about HEAVEN, the final abode of the saints.
Angels JOY, PERSEVERANCE and HEAVEN-CONSCIOUS watch over him in the room.

When he wakes up the following day, Destiny meets YOU and tells you to receive the great saviour JESUS CHRIST as your personal Lord and Saviour in order to have a FULFILLED DESTINY and see GOD on the final day.

Beloved, will you receive Him?
Will you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?
It pays to serve Jesus. He makes all things beautiful and glorious. He is waiting for you!

God bless you richly in all things.

Enjoy your day.

Olumide Fatunsin

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