Why is this called ‘Turnaround Era’? – Bishop David Oyedepo

Why is this called ‘Turnaround Era’?
You are being ushered into the turnaround era of your life.
An era means a season. Your turnaround season that begins this year, will follow you through your lifetime.

Prayer and fasting is for your empowerment that guarantees triumphant living on the earth.

Prophetic Focus for January 2021
-1 Tim. 1:18

We are in the days of fasting in the body of Christ
Fasting is not optional, it is a Covenant obligation that gives you a place in destiny.

Benefits of Fasting
1. Empowerment into the next levels – Ez. 47:1
The anointing is in levels and what fasting does is to move you
into next levels.

2. Destruction of yokes which includes generational curses, spells
and enchantments, addictions and all oppressions of the devil.
– Isa. 58:6

3. Access to outbreak of Revelation – Isa. 5:13, Hos 4:6
Revelation is your greatest asset in redemption after salvation.

4. Speedy restoration of health and vitality – Isa. 58:8, Job 33:22-25

5. Access to next levels of sanctification- 1 Cor. 6:11 Rom. 8:13
There are forces of hell that wants you to miss heaven and wants
you to miss what God has for you on earth. You require the
force of fasting to say NO.

6. Prayer and Fasting is ordained a platform for express answers to
prayer. Isa. 58:6,9, Ezra 8:23

7. Access to Divine guidance – Isa. 58:11

8. Prayer and fasting facilitates access to realms of supernatural
breakthroughs – Isa. 58:12

9. Prayer and fasting facilitates speedy delivery of our
inheritance – Isa. 60:22

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