A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 21) – Olumide Fatunsin

As soon as they left the hospital, Bernie suggested they should relocate if it’s possible. Angela thanked him for his suggestion and support before he left. It was a happy reunion with her daughter after the harrowing experience. After two days, Evelyn told her the need to seek God genuinely with Thanksgiving. She led them into the presence of God with Thanksgiving after sharing the word of God with them. Annie revealed how Amos threatened to kill her mother for betraying his trust and his determination to sell her.

Angela wondered how Amos could subject her and her daughter to inhumane treatment but quickly added how she opened the door herself.

“My greediness pushed me into their hands. I wasn’t satisfied with whatever I have. Even Tony, despite the fact he impregnated me then, I still allowed him back into my life after some years. I could count on his support anytime and that made me to always fall for him. In summary, I don’t have a backbone.”

“No! You have a backbone and it’s Jesus Christ. He alone can support and never disappoint. I want you to fully surrender your life to him. Are you ready?” Evelyn asked her.

She stretched her hands towards Evelyn and they held their hands in one accord. She led her to Christ Jesus as she confessed and repented of her sins. She finally accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. After expressing her joy of salvation, Annie asked her mother to pray for her too. Evelyn brought her closer and led her to Jesus Christ also.

“Are you a preacher?” Annie asked Evelyn.

“She is my friend…” Angela answered her.

“And Jesus’ friend too. You are now a friend of Jesus.” Evelyn told Annie who sat beside her with a broad smile.

After the breakfast, Angela told her the dream she had.

“A dark being approached me where I sat under a tree. He offered to help me clear the dead leaves around the place. I obliged and continued with the reading of the book in my hand. By the time I lifted up my head, the dead leaves had multiplied and the man had disappeared too.” Evelyn first prayed for her and then interpreted the dream.

“You need to be careful of crucial decisions you make and the people you allow into your life. You have taken wrong decisions before but you need the help of God to guide you aright.”

Angela promised to take precautions and draw closer to God. She reminded Evelyn of her diabolical contact with Pastor Abraham and Annie’s evil contact. Evelyn read some Bible verses that talked about God’s mighty power to save and restore. She prayed fervently for them and destroyed the works of the devil in their lives in the name of Jesus. Angela fell under the power of God and vomited.

Evelyn continued praying and commanded all the remnants of devil’s activities to be destroyed. God took control and gave them total deliverance. Evelyn went into marathon session of praises to God until they were soaked with God’s presence. Evelyn was amazed how God honoured their faith and worship. It was so evident that Annie had received the touch of God as she began to sing in an unknown tongue. Angela’s earnest desire was coming to fulfillment when she saw the hand of God on her daughter.

After two days, Evelyn left for her city with great joy and gifts. Angela showed her gratitude by the gifts and her readiness to serve God. True to Evelyn’s warning, some church members started criticizing her for exposing their Pastor and some even threatened to kill her.

After further interrogation, Amos and Matt were roped in. Tony was able to send a text message to Angela about their release. Tony and Leah were tortured by Matt to implicate Angela in a shady business deal but their luck ran out. However, Bernie was in contact with Angela for almost one month before she finally relocated to another part of the country. Within two days they reached there, Tony called her and they narrated their ugly experiences.

“How about Leah? Where’s she now?” Angela asked.

“We are relocating to Belgium.” Tony replied.

Angela was surprised and asked him why he used the joint term. Tony finally disclosed that she was his girlfriend and their relationship had taken a new good turn. Angela asked about his daughter and his response devastated her.

“I’m sorry. Leah doesn’t want an adopted daughter.”

“What? So, Annie is now your adopted daughter? Tony, are you serious?”

“I’m sorry. We can’t take her along.” Tony responded.

“Who’s asking you to take her along? Aren’t going to fulfil your responsibility in her life? Remember, you are her father.”

Tony paused and promised to call her later. Annie couldn’t understand why her mother was in tears after she ended the call.

“Mum, why are you crying?” Annie asked.

She couldn’t utter any words but hugged her tightly and began to pray for her. After settling down in the new city, she dreaded going to any church until she met…

To be continued in Episode 22.

Olumide Fatunsin

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