Dr Paul Enenche Declares 2021, as the year of Release, Recovery, and Replication

Dr Paul Enenche, who is the senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), has declared the year, 2021, as the year of RELEASE, RECOVERY, AND REPLICATION.

He however told his congregants what the triple R’s portends for them, as he stated thus;

WHAT IS IN 2021?
1. 2021 is the 21st year of the 21st century
21 = 7+7+7
– God rested on the 7th day
– 7 is the number of times Naaman entered the Jordan
– The Israelites went round the wall of Jericho 7 times

We have a 3 dimensional manifestation for the year 2021
– In 2021 Jehovah shall cause you multiple rest! Your family children and career shall experience rest!

a. 2021 is your season of RELEASE (Deut. 15:1-2; Ps. 124:1-7)
Release refers to the termination of captivity, the termination of obligation, the cancellation of indebtedness
– Every witch, wizard or generational altar that has a claim on your life, in 2021, that claim is over
It is a season for the release of massive resources, of destiny, favour, fire, power and mantles
– The amount of resources nobody you know has ever touched, this year, you shall access it!
– Your husband has just been released, your children have just been released, your job has just been released!
i. Someone is being released from enemy conspiracy
ii. Someone is being released from the anger of the wicked
iii. Someone is being released from the storms and flood of the wicked
iv. Someone is being released from predators of destiny
v. Someone is being released from the snares and traps of the wicked

b. 2021 is your season of RECOVERY (2Kings 5:14; 1Sam. 17:34-37; Job 20:15; Joel 2:25)
There is nothing so lost that cannot be found in God
Absolute recovery is an absolute possibility with God (1Sam. 30:8, 18)
God does not only restore things, He restores years (Joel 2:25)
When years have been swallowed there is age without change
– Someone’s spouse is returning, someone’s health is returning
– Every system that swallowed what is yours, in this season, they shall vomit them out!
– Anything that has been swallowed by any man, woman or system that belongs to us as a family or as a church, it is vomited!
– In this year, whatever the devil took from your life, it is released!
– Very soon, what should have happened in nine years will happen under one year!
God is returning your passion, your fire, the way you fast, your ruggedity and brutality
There is a restoration of vision like Moses; there is a restoration of fire and mantle
For someone there is a restoration of destiny; the whole of your destiny is being returned
– What you are meant to be is what you shall be. Anywhere they have exchanged your destiny and your glory, I declare a return and a reversal!
– Wherever they have shed blood to exchange your destiny, I declare by the speakings of the Blood of Jesus, that sacrifice is neutralised!
– God is restoring somebody’s voice. You used to be a voice in your family and in your community,
I announce to you today, recovery and restoration is here!

c. 2021 is your season of REPLICATION, MULTIPLICATION, INCREASE, ENLARGEMENT (Gen. 17:4-6; Job 42:10, 12)
i. Abraham was detained in barrenness but God brought him out and made him not only a father
of persons but a father of nations (Gen. 17:4-6)
ii. Joseph was released from detention and when he was released he was restored. He was multiplied and enlarged (Gen. 41:51-52)
– What the devil said you should not have one of, God wants to give you many if it!
– Every power that has held you down, when you leave here today, they shall see fire!
– In the place where they mocked you for serving God, in that place they shall ask to follow you to serve your God!
iii. Job’s captivity was reversed, and his outcome was better than his beginning (Job 42:10, 12)

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