Attack the year with Force and Focus – Pastor Timothy Benedict

I was privileged to be in a five star hotel recently and when it was breakfast time, I was told it was Alacarte instead of buffet. The breakfast was actually covered by the room rate which had been paid for.

The attendant asked if I wanted African or continental breakfast, since I didn’t know what to expect in the continental breakfast, I decided to respect myself and asked for African. When the breakfast was served, it was a four course breakfast, but one thing was distinct and disturbing on the table- the teacup. I looked at the tea inside the cup and I wanted to maintain but after a little while, I said to myself, “I hate cheating“ so I called the attention of the waiter. When the guy came, I asked him, “I thought I told you it’s African breakfast I wanted?” The guy nodded, then I said to him, “please look at this teacup, is this what Africans use to drink tea? Please get me ‘African’ teacup”. The guy laughed yet went and arranged a proper cup for me so the ministry can go well.

Now listen!
This is a new year, it is offering you a blank cheque to demand what you want out of it. Be determined to maximize the year. Attack it with force and focus. It may want to offer you what it thinks is the standard for everyone but it has been programmed to deliver according to your demand. Careless about what others have chosen, choose right and choose big!

See! Don’t let this year cheat you o!

Confirm, if you heard!

You shall be POSITIVELY AMAZED this year!


Courtesy: Timothy Speaks

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