A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 19) – Olumide Fatunsin

“Evelyn, I don’t know what came over me. I was so rude and …” Then her phone rang.

“Hello! Yes… I’m Angela! What?”

Evelyn rose up in a jiffy and stood in front of her until she finished her call.

“Tell me, what happened?”

“A woman found my purse containing all my cards. She found it at the train station and promised to wait for me to collect it.”

“Really? That’s so kind of her. Let’s go immediately.” Evelyn said.

They left for the train station and met the young woman of South American origin. She handed it to her and introduced herself as Mariana. They thanked her profusely and she was all smiles. Evelyn noticed a man was watching them from the coffee shop. As soon as the woman left, the man approached them.

“Do you know that woman?”

“No!” Angela replied.

“She is a Professor and preacher.” He exclaimed.

“Oh really? Thank you for that information.” Angela responded with a smile.

The man still wanted to reveal more but the women found it awkward,

“She was with me when she saw the purse around here. She was telling me about Jesus Christ and His love for me. I was curious to know her before allowing her to speak further about Jesus. I was blown off my feet when she told me her profile. She hesitated at first but I insisted she must tell me. The way she presented Jesus Christ in an intellectual way convinced me that Jesus Christ is real. I was an atheist before I met her.”

Angela wasn’t interested in the discussion but Evelyn desired to encourage the man who had introduced himself as Bernie.

“So, you have now surrendered your life to Jesus?”

“Yes! What many preachers, books, messages and friends have failed to do, Mariana did with wisdom and ease.” He said.

“No, God did it through her. The seed of God’s word sown in your heart by others has finally yielded the beautiful fruit of salvation. It’s a joint efforts by God’s grace ” Evelyn explained.

“You are right. I was captured by her words when she approached me. I had thought she wanted to ask for some coins to buy a coffee or something else but she eventually asked me to accept Jesus. I’m glad that I yielded…”

Angela tapped her to dismiss the man but he continued with his testimony.

“I knew my heart yearned for something precious to fill it. The more I tried to satisfy it, the more empty I felt. I’m glad my heart is at rest now.”

When Evelyn perceived the man wasn’t ready to leave soon she encouraged him to keep serving Jesus and find a church to attend on a regular basis. When they were about to leave, the man dipped his hand into his pocket to bring out a paper to show her what’s written on it. Two passport photographs also dropped on the ground. As he was about to pick them, Angela picked them up and was shocked.

“Sir, who are these?” She demanded with a troubled look.

Bernie was at a loss when she asked him. Evelyn still held the paper when her friend asked him again to tell him the whereabouts of the girls.

“Do you know them? What’s the problem?” Evelyn asked anxiously.

Angela faced her, “This is Annie! This is my daughter for God’s sake!”

Bernie pleaded with them to leave the area to avoid the prying eyes of the people. He decided the spill the beans when Angela threatened to call the police.

“I have a friend who loves children of African origin. He gave me these passport photographs to give a man who would arrive the train station any moment from now. I don’t know anything about them. Please, I’m innocent…”

“Innocent? This is child molestation! This is evil for goodness sake! Who’s the man? Where is he?” Angela shouted at him.

Evelyn tried to calm her down and turn to Bernie, “Where is your friend? Are you willing to cooperate with us?”

“Yes! I’m willing to cooperate but I don’t want anything to tarnish my reputation. I know the law and work in a good company.”

“Reputation? What are you doing with these pictures? My God! Who have I offended? Annie.. My Annie…” She replied Bernie and broke into tears.

Bernie’s phone rang and he promised the caller to be there in some minutes.

“Who’s that? Is that the man?” Angela asked him sharply.

“Yes! But let’s go about it with wisdom. These men are dangerous. Please, try to understand.” Bernie pleaded.

Evelyn tried to persuade her to remain calm and even thank God for His leading.

When they got back to the train station, Evelyn and Angela stood around the bookshop and watched Bernie. When the man arrived, Angela …

To be continued in Episode 20.

Olumide Fatunsin

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