Any Leader that understands the parable of Jesus on the wise and foolish builder, must become very careful on how he or she builds, the kind of materials used in building and the kind of foundation he builds on.
One built on Sand, the other builder built on the Rock, that became the reason why one was called wise and the other was called foolish.
They were both builders, but their Different Approach was the reason for their Different Results and Different Realities.

The Sand of Falsehood will always sink with time, no matter how skillful and careful you are.

There are seven reasons why you must NOT build on FALSEHOOD.

1. Building on falsehood makes you the servant of the devil.
Simply put, you are not working for God. Your belly has become your God. Those are people that will hear, “depart from me, ye workers of iniquity, I know you not”.
Until you depart from iniquty, you cannot impact humanity on behalf of divinity.

2. Building on falsehood will mean, you will not be able to produce Sons that can reproduce you in other locations. Headquarters will be very big, but all branches will be very small.” Never you cook any food in the headquarter church that the branch Pastors cannot also cook in their different branches, Otherwise, you will stir an appetite in the Ministry that only the headquarter can satisfy”
Look at

3. Building on falsehood means your work will not stand the test of time. Any opposing wind can overthrow it.
“He that must survive ministry scandal must never build on falsehood” Never forget, the storm will always come one day. Remember every man’s work must be tested by fire.

4. Building on falsehood will mean, you will always relocate with every little shaken you go through. ONLY the truth can keep a man in the same location after a long time. Some Pastors are not Evangelist but something is making them run from one location to another. You can change location, but you can’t change character.

5. Building on falsehood will mean, either you alone, or you and your Wife alone will know certain things about the work you can’t reveal to anyone. It looks very sweet at the beginning, but if care is not taken, the work can die when the both of you are not on ground.
Some Pastors are ‘lucky’ to have a Wife that can cover evil for them, while some are not ‘lucky’ to have those kind of women. Their own Wife is a specialist in saying, “I will expose you to the World”.
My daughter, don’t go and marry a Fake-Pastor and want to expose him. It is easier to reject his proposal, than to destroy his Personality.
If he was not fake when you married him, now that you know he is fake, please divorce him, or stand with him until he is delivered. (But still find out what God is saying to you).

6. Building on falsehood will put your ministry in a position where you alone will be the only one that can do certain things on the altar and operate with certain Giftings on the altar. The only way you can correct this kind of situation when people start questioning the fact that you are the only one who can do it, is to now be forced in trusting a selected few with the secrets involved, but that will become the beginning of falsehood as the only way it can be done.
Be very careful at this point, because only the truth can set you free.
Never put yourself in a position where the truth can destroy you.

7. Building on falsehood will put your ministry in a position where you must continue to remain false for things to continue to work.
For how long can you do that?
Build on Principles and Life will be Simple.
For Principle is anything that makes everything Simple.

Inconclusion, somebody can be very weak in certain areas but not fake..(He does not fake the things of God).
Weakness is not Fakeness. Falsehood is a complete departure from God to the devil.

Thanks for reading.

Bishop Irabor Wisdom.

Delta State.

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