OUR NEXT MISSIONS ASSIGNMENT – Evangelist Oghogho Ikponmwosa

On God’s instruction we are embarking on our 4th Missionary assignment at Ekhoenikhokho village in Edo State.

This community is an unreached community as all efforts in the past by some brethren to plant a church there has failed.

God told me while rounding off our last Missionary assignment at Aimienghomwan village that in the next assignment we will be planting a church because He was sending us to a place where there is no church.

I kindly request your intercession from now on.

We are taking the first step into the community of Ekhoenikhokho in February 2021 and we intend to remain there for at least six months to ensure the church is established and the brethren have basic knowledge of their faith in Christ.

We shall be asking God for

1. A massive harvest of souls and their establishment in God’s kingdom.

2. Free access into the community.

3. Favour from the Community Leaders and their people.

4. Wisdom to strategize and deliver maximally on this assignment.

5. Mighty miraculous signs, wonders, healings and deliverances.

6. His protection for everyone involved with us.

7. Successful planting and establishment of the church in the village and wisdom to find the right Ministry we are to handover the church to after our work is done.

8. Supernatural supply of all that is needed to maximally deliver on this assignment.

9. Rebuke, bind and cast out the spirits and powers holding that community in darkness in Jesus name.

10. Ask that God’s light will shine brightly thereby bringing His eternal purposes to pass.

As you Partner with us in prayers towards receiving this harvest, you shall be a partaker of the eternal rewards in Jesus name amen.


Oghogho Ikponmwosa

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