A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 18) – Olumide Fatunsin

Evelyn asked her firmly, “How did you amass this wealth?”

Angela was shocked and her heart pricked her.

“I’m sorry to ask you. I was led to ask you. How did it start?”

Angela opened her trembling mouth and said, “I was living in a small apartment when I relocated to this city. I wasn’t finding it funny when the bills kept piling up. I did all kinds of jobs just to make both ends meet. In fact, I did a subtle begging ministry.”

“Subtle begging ministry?”

“Yes! I would ask some church members to pray for me. I would mention the area I wanted them to focus on and then add if they could help me financially. In fact, my name topped the list of needy brethren in the church. I never missed church programs just to show how serious I was. It continued until…until..” Angela shed a few drops of tears but Evelyn looked on without interrupting her.

“Prior to that time, I was engaged to Amos but he was always complaining about my dressing styles that I needed to step up. Within that period, Tony, a former boyfriend met me in a supermarket and the old flame came back. We only met once and it resulted into a pregnancy. I pushed it on Amos and he was all over me when he knew it was a baby girl. He loved to have a girl as his first born and the reason he gave really amused me.”

“What did he say?”

“That girls are good trainers. They set good example for their younger ones. But in my family, my elder sister beat hell out of me and caused this scar on my left arm.” She showed it to Evelyn.

“So sorry for the scar. But I agree with him. I have noticed it in some families and some researchers have even proven it. Girls are great in home trainings.”

“But in my own case, my elder sister is already among the unforgiven personalities in my diary. She currently lives in Italy and almost lured me into prostitution before I fled the country. In short, evil runs in her blood.”

“Angela, you need to let go and forgive her. You will be better off doing it. So, what happened to Amos? Is he around?”

“To cover up my mistake, I turned my attention on Annie. This always annoyed him and caused friction in our relationship. We weren’t married but planned to get married later. The only saving grace was the striking resemblance between us. I didn’t have the courage to tell him the truth and my daughter and I relocated here. I set a target for him if he ever wanted to continue with our relationship. I knew he couldn’t stay away from Annie…”

“And he isn’t aware until now?” Evelyn asked.

“He kidnapped my daughter and threatened to deal with me. I’m sure he has known the truth. Right now, I don’t know how many enemies are pursuing me.”

“How? Did anyone else threaten you?”

Angela showed her the anonymous letter on the table.

“My God! Angela, did you flaunt your wealth before any group of people before? It’s obvious the writer is pained.” Evelyn said after reading the letter.

Angela sighed deeply and raised her head with regret written on her face, “Matt came into my life right inside the church but…but…but I didn’t know he was just a bait. Once a greedy person, always a greedy person. He introduced me to a business and I jumped at it. My life changed, I mean, everything turned around for my good. I began to pay the church rent as a show of gratitude. One leg in the church and the other leg in parties. My circles of friends increased, my taste changed and my tongue boasting ability strengthened. Ha! I remember one woman…yes, Mrs Smith…”

“What happened to her?”

“She once asked for my assistance to help her sick Sister back home but I insulted her because she refused to honour me.”


“Evelyn, I don’t know what came over me. I was so rude and …” Then her phone rang.

“Hello! Yes… I’m Angela! What?”

Evelyn rose up in a jiffy and …

To be continued in Episode 19.

Olumide Fatunsin

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