A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 17) – Olumide Fatunsin

Like a flash of lightning, the Bible verses illuminated and calmed her troubled heart. The Bible verses kept burning in her heart as she ruminated on it until she reached home. When she opened the door, she saw a letter on the floor. She immediately dropped her bag to read the letter. The content of the anonymous letter made her hands to shiver. She knew she had to take a drastic step to secure her freedom and that of her daughter. She picked her phone to inform the police once and for all but fear held her back. While she was lost in her thought, her phone rang. She didn’t want to pick the unknown call but later changed her mind.

One of her former secondary school mates who had been looking for her finally got her phone contact through another friend of hers. It was a great relief to Angela to reconnect with Evelyn. She was in the country for a short vacation. Angela quickly initiated their meeting and the next day was fixed. She was eager to pour her heart out. On a second thought about her long time friend, she was still determined to meet her.

Angela’s effort to reach Tony and Kate didn’t yield any positive results. She hoped they would be released once she danced to their tune Angela was extremely happy to welcome Evelyn when they arrived from the train station. They shared precious memories of their various journeys in life. Excited Evelyn shared how she went into feminine cult group during her undergraduate days.

“My God! Can you imagine I drank blood and did so many evils that I literally became stone-hearted. They called me super cobra and I could strike anyone at any slightest provocation. It was that terrible.”

Angela was dumbfounded listening to her fearful experiences.

“Are you still…I mean, are you still…” Angela asked.

She replied excitedly, “Nooo. I nearly lost my life in a terrible accident. It was on the hospital bed that someone gave me a new testament Bible. I didn’t open it until three days later when I became restless. Guess what? The verse my eyes first caught was Matthew 11 verse 28. My God! It brought peace to my troubled heart…”

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Angela quoted.

“Exactly! It became my healing verse. I couldn’t drop the Bible until I had digested the verse. I kept on meditating and confessing that verse until I surrendered my life to Jesus. Oh, what a happy day! My sins were washed away. That day marked the beginning of both spiritual and physical healings in my life.”

Angela’s teary eyes drew her attention. Evelyn asked why her countenance wasn’t cheerful. She didn’t mind opening up to her friend she just met after many years.

“There’s fire on the mountain. My daughter isn’t with me. My boyfriend is nowhere to be found. My life is in a mess.”

Evelyn was surprised to hear her complaints.
“But your house is expensively furnished, you are looking healthy, in fact, what Lizzy told me about you made me envy God’s blessings in your life.”

“What do you mean? Don’t be deceived by all these material blessings. I have no peace of mind. I live in constant fear. I’m sure your are happy in your home and career. I’m sure your husband is taking good care of you. It is evident in your cheerful disposition. I’m surprised you still maintained it until now. That’s commendable.” Angela said.

Evelyn sighed and shook her head,

“I’m not yet married.”


“If not for Jesus, I would have commited suicide. I have been scorned and ridiculed because of the challenges n my life. They even called me super spinster”

Angela was still in doubt when she heard another bombshell,

“I don’t have any womb. I served the devil and he repaid me with deep scars that hadn’t left my life. Since I gave my life to Jesus, no man, I mean, no man has ever proposed to me.”

“My God! Does it mean serving Jesus hinder us from enjoying the blessings of life? Can you believe I was duped and still being abused under the umbrella of God’s name? The so-called church people brought this misery into my life.” Angela lamented.

“Angela, I didn’t say God did it but I know He is working out something far and greater than what I can imagine or think. Sorry to hear your plight.”

Angela wanted to ask her some questions but Evelyn interrupted her,

“Sometimes, the hindrances we attribute to others are actually caused by us. When God told me to restitute my ways by opening up to some people I had wronged, it was then I had breakthrough in some areas of my life.”

“Oh yes, that’s true.”

Evelyn asked her firmly, “How did you amass this wealth?”

Angela was shocked and her heart pricked her.

“I’m sorry to ask you. I was led to ask you. How did it start?”

Angela opened her trembling mouth and said, “I was living in …”

To be continued in Episode 18.

Olumide Fatunsin

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