Matthew 2:2

saying, “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.”

The birth of Jesus Christ brings to bare many life lessons that are applicable to our lives. These lessons are so critical that they hold sway to what many lives have become today.

1. Every Star attracts visitation:

The wise men who came to Bethlehem, where able to detect the star of Jesus christ, and this was the major reason for their journey (Mathew 2:2). The Holy Bible called them wise, owing to their ability to detect, and make meaning of the Star which they saw.

Like the wise men in the Bible, we also have evil wise men in our environments, who are able to detect and interpret the stars of men. Parents should exercise extreme caution on who comes to pay homage to their children when they are born, or during their formative stages in the womb.

I was told about the testimony of a family who almost lost the star of their new born child, as a result of the visitation of an evil wise man, who came to steal the star of the child, but his operation was stopped by a pastor who was present in that event.

2. Great Stars are troublers:

There are children who are born into the world, and suddenly, it appears that the demonic world looses their cool, they become so concerned about the birth of such children, they inquire to find out about the family, the sex of the child, and even how to reach the child.

The birth of Jesus Christ was of great concern to King Herod, for the Bible said that he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with Him (Mathew 2:3). He was so troubled that he called for a meeting to inquire the whereabouts of Jesus Christ (Mathew 2:4). These concerns, and gatherings have led to many oppositions being faced by many destinies.

Are you in this category? Are you currently getting tired of the rage of darkness against your life? Are you fighting battles left, right and centre? It is important for you to note that your star is a threat to the kingdom of darkness. However, you must stand firm in the Lord, and be filled with the Holy Spirit, for the liberation of your mandate.

3. Parents should have a relationship with God:

Parents have a responsibility to protect their children, but this protection becomes effective when they have an active relationship status with God. The life of Jesus Christ was protected by the spirit of God, through His parents, because they were both known of God ( Mathew 1:20-21, Luke 1:26-38). The Bible records a particular instance, when king Herod sought to destroy Jesus Christ, but the Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in the dream, warning him about the plot, and giving him direction to safety (Mathew 2:13-20).

It is however important to note, that parents, or prospective parents, who are not with God, create vulnerabilities for their born and unborn children, because the protection of every born and unborn child, has a linkage to the standing of their parents with God.

However, as parents, or prospective parents, these three lessons are critical for the wellbeing and safety of your born and unborn children.

God bless you.


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