Pastor Timothy Benedict Identifies One Of The Greatest Evils Among Church People

One of the greatest evils I have seen amongst church people is waiting for the year’s declaration and then embarking on a religious fasting and prayer every January to have a successful year without deliberate plans of action and strategies for the year.

Now listen!
A successful year is not just a gift from God, it’s a reward for deliberate and strategic actions. The children of Israel in second Samuel 5 carried the Ark of God into battle and still lost the battle because the protocol of honour for the Ark was not respected abnitio, while the children of men in Genesis chapter eleven planned to built a tower into heaven and God said, ‘nothing can stop them’ except God Himself because they were going against the Divine order of expansion and occupation of the earth.

Hear this!
A new year will make no difference where there’s no difference in THOUGHTS PATTERN, DECISIONS, STRATEGIES and ACTIONS.

Don’t miss church tomorrow as we continue on the series “THE PROPELLANTS OF SUCCESS FOR 2021”

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