A POLE IN THE DARK (Episode 16) – Olumide Fatunsin

At midnight, when she opened one of the wardrobes, she found some graven images of small children with red stickers on them.

“Hey, the second wardrobe is yours!” Angela quickly left it when he shouted at her.

He made her to lie on the bed and pour the anointing oil on her back. He continued to rub it with prophetic declarations until the spirit descended on her. Without the person speaking the strange language, he wouldn’t go ahead with the prophetic body contact. Angela was in tears as he rubbed her until she felt a strange touch. As soon as she began to speak in a strange language, Pastor Abraham drank a small quantity of the anointing oil before deed was done.

Angela woke up some hours later and lay still on the bed while Pastor Abraham was fast asleep. She began to feel dizzy when she thought of her daughter. She wanted to flee but he had warned her to wait for the instruction of the spirit in order to know exactly where her daughter was kept. She turned herself to gaze on his big Bible placed on the table. His sermon notebook and his pen were placed on top of the Bible. He had prepared the sermon for the following Sunday and even shared part of it with her.

She remembered how he used to preach in the church and warn the church members against committing sins and hypocrisy. He once disciplined brother John and sister Paulina for engaging in premarital sex and the most shocking part was how he openly disgraced them by his preaching that Sunday. He didn’t allow his wife to counsel the church members because he believed no one could do it better than him and that he has the anointing to break yokes.

She remembered her first counseling session with him and the way he lifted her burden heart with his sweet words and financial support. That first impression endeared her to him as she began to look forward to his counseling session. She ignored all the red flags and fell headlong into his trap. Just when she thought of his first romantic encounter in his office, Pastor Abraham turned and embraced her.

“Angela, do you know why I love you? You are always obedient to the leading of the spirit unlike the wife of Mr Emmanuel.”

She was shocked to hear about Mrs Ngozi. She was one of the women she looked up to as role models in the church. She was a kind and godly woman who loved the Lord Jesus passionately. That revelation made her to realize the reason why the Pastor relieved her of her position as the women leader. It was a sudden decision that took the members by surprise.

“Your daughter will be found within the next seven days says the spirit. You have fulfilled your part and the spirit will do the rest. Do you remember the seventh commandment of the spirit?”

Angela nodded her head but he demanded to hear it from her mouth.

“Reveal it and die. Conceal it and live.”

“The spirit loves those who keep his commandments. You are now free to go. God bless you.”

She refused to respond to his prayers and went to take her bath. Pastor Abraham was on the phone with someone until she was about to leave. He blew her a kiss but she banged the door behind her. Sorrow filled her heart as she left the hotel. She regretted ever knowing Pastor Abraham and the unseen force around her wouldn’t allow her to disclose it to anyone. The more she thought about her problems, the heavier the pain on her heart. Sitting quietly at a corner in the bus, a white woman looking for where to sit came to sit beside her.

The middle-aged woman tried to start a conversation with her but she wasn’t in the mood to speak to anyone. When the woman was about to alight at her bus stop, she quoted Matthew 11:28 -30 to her, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29) Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

30) For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

She smiled and bade her goodbye with these words.

Like a flash of lightning, the Bible verses illuminated and calmed her troubled heart. The Bible verses kept burning in her heart as she ruminated on it until she reached home. When she opened the door, she saw…

To be continued in Episode 17.

Olumide Fatunsin

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