Merry Christmas: Where the Arguments Stop – Evans Adetokunbo Emmanuel

There are so many things that come with Christmas with the aim of dousing the joy. One is the arguments about wether the date/season is the right date on which Christ was born. Another is the question of the notion that the day coincides with certain paganism in some past cultures and if Christians should celebrate such days. Another is about the death of many children killed by the Herod who reigned in the days Christ was born and why Christians should rather mourn than rejoice. We can keep counting and we can keep arguing, but the arguments stop at some point.

The arguments stop when we realise that Christ came into the world as a gift from the Father, to be the sacrificial Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. He was given as a gift to become man to be able to die for the sin of mankind so that those who believe can have a place with God eternally.

He partakes of mankind’s flesh and blood, God provided a body for Him which was implanted in the blessed woman, Mary’s womb by the power of God wrought by the operation of the Holy Spirit, and was born in due course.

It is this birth and the consequent work of redemption in His life that we celebrate. It is a celebration that must happen daily in our lives, it should never cease, that’s Christmas to celebrate. We see His redemptive work and the struggles for our salvation from immediately after His implantation by the Holy Spirit into Mary’s womb, to His birth, to His growing up, to the beginning of His ministry, to His teachings and lifestyle, to His suffering and to His death, a work of redemption confirmed by God as He raised Him from the dead.

There is no argument really, because the effect of this work of redemption from His conception to His death and resurrection is seen everyday in the lives that are being transformed daily. That, to me, is the end of every argument. I wonder what manner of a person, I, for one, would have been if not for Christ and the work He did. And I have so many of you, wonderful and transformed people in my life today only because of Jesus Christ, and I appreciate each one of you.

Having each one of you, who have been transformed by Christ and His word, impact upon us, who were blessed enough to have you in our lives, is a reliving of Christmas and of Christ. Every time you live in submission and in obedience to His word to be a blessing to another person, you bring the reality of Christ and Christmas to bear and you stop the argument for or against Christ and Christmas.

And for each of you who have been so in my life, I wish to use these thoughts to say a very merry Christmas to you. Even though it’ll be odd to say that every day, I wish to let you know that, each time you do what Christ wants of you, you proclaim Him Lord, you relive the reality of Christmas and proclaim that He’s coming again…because through you, Christ is shown to the world! Let’s do that more and more on a daily basis.

The pain I have, even in this unspeakable joy is that of so many people celebrating Christmas without the Christ in Christmas. Annually, people spend all the moneys in celebrating Christ with the same thing Christ came to eradicate, sin! How I wish we would all celebrate in such a way that we would be able to continue to celebrate in eternity. What joy is there to celebrate Christmas and miss the real celebration in heaven through the sins committed while celebrating Christmas here on the earth in unbelief and in rebellion to the lordship of Christ? It makes no sense. So as much as we have the opportunity, let’s tell someone about the Christ in Christmas and how each should rather celebrate Him daily and eternally.

Once again, I, on behalf of GMI, Toyin and the children, say merry Christmas to you and your family trusting God that we’ll keep doing this for years to come here and we won’t stop through all eternity!

Please enjoy the season and the holiday to the fullest in Christ. Merry Christmas to you!

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