The year 2020 is gradually winding up, and the remaining days of this year are very crucial to the life of a sensitive believer, for proper positioning through prayers and positive declarations, that would usher him/her in victory, into the new year.

There are many who have already condemned themselves to failure and defeat in the year 2021, because of their negative mindsets and utterances. It is pertinent to note, that whatever the Lord hears us say with our mouth, that is what He will do (Numbers 14:28).

However, a wise believer will take out time to pray and shapen his/her 2021 with prayers, positive actions and declarations.

Moreover, below are ten prayers points that are vital for every believer, before the expiration of the year 2020;


1. Father, let your presence lead me out of the year 2020, unto the new year, 2021, in Jesus name, amen. (Exodus 33:14).

2. Lord grant me favour that would empower me to access all my benefits embedded in the year 2020, before its expiration, in Jesus name, amen. ( Exodus 12:36).

3. Any power, principality, personality, or spiritual Kingdom attempting to deny me the right of passage into the year 2021, Lord rebuke and scatter them, in Jesus name, amen (Mathew 12:30).

4. Lord guard my mouth, and prevent me from making any negative confessions that would deny me my divine inheritance in the year, 2021, in Jesus name, amen (Numbers 14:28)

5. In the remaining days of 2020, Lord prevent me from making any mistake that would make the year 2020 my graveyard, in Jesus name, amen (Luke 13:5).

6. Lord give me the grace to march into the year 2021, with praise, thanksgiving, and a positive mindset, in Jesus name, amen (1 Chronicles 29:13).

7. Open my eyes O’ Lord to discover and recognize divine opportunities that would launch my life to a whole new positive dimension, in Jesus name, amen (John 4:35).

8. Lord take away from me, the spirit of procrastination, dream killers, unfriendly friends, joy killers, and anything that would limit my potentials in the coming year, in Jesus name, amen (Proverbs 13:4).

9. Lord give me the grace to make You my priority in all things, to consult You in all things, and to obey your word in all things, in Jesus name, amen (John 14:15).

10. Thank You Jesus Christ, let Your will be done in the year 2021 (Proverbs 19:21).

God bless you


Pic: unsplash.com

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