Daughter of an Evangelist recounts her ordeal in a Christmas Party


A few days ago, my 9 year old daughter told me something that made my heart grieve for future generation we are raising

They had their Christmas party in school & guess what!

Some of the Pupils in Primary 5 brought secular music with radios to play them.

While the Teacher was out of the class, they brought it out started playing it & the Pupils started dancing to it.

She was shocked to see them dancing seductively to D music.

Its a Christian school & most children there have Christian Parents.

She told me she was surprised some Workers passing by didn’t see any need to stop D music from playing D the Pupils from dancing.

According to her, she was more disappointed seeing her very close friend & seat mate ‘twerking’ while dancing with D others.

She said Daddy, from now on that girl is not my best friend again.

I had to explain to her not to put her off as her friend because she may not realize what she was doing was wrong because she has not been taught correctly by her Parents.

She told me it took one of their Teachers who was always preaching to them in the past to stop the music & dancing.

I felt disappointed hearing this.

Many of us Parents have absorbed so much of the world we don’t place any distinction anymore between what is godly and what is secular which we don’t have to be part of even though it may not be sin directly.

Most of the videos & lyrics of these secular songs are awful & directly anti gospel.

Yet many of us take delight in these things & are teaching our children same.

I was glad my daughter was able to stand her ground despite being alone as she watched her mates dance to the music.

Its not been easy teaching them these basic things but its certainly beginning to pay off.

We have a lot on our hands & we can’t afford to fail the next generation by not providing the right scriptural instructions for them to follow.

It doesn’t have to be our child. Help a child get straightened today.

Courtesy: Evangelist Ikponmwosa Ogogor

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